Stage Center Theatre 2012-2013 Season
Main Stage Production

When the World Was Green
by Joseph Chaikin and Sam Shepard
Directed by Angie Sweigart Gallagher

Fall Semester of 2013

Hauntingly lyrical, When the World Was Green is set in the recent past and focuses on a young reporter and her subject, an older man who was once a superb chef and is now on death row for murdering the wrong man. As the two meet and discuss his story, it becomes clear that she is searching for more than just a story about a man about to die and the crime that landed him in prison.  The two characters and their stories are linked by their relationship to sensual pleasures of food, their individual quests and journeys, and the legacies that families leave behind.  Part mystery, part memory play, by the end of the play it is clear that while the world is not always as it seems, forgiveness and love are possible.

Philip Winston, as the Old Man
Sarah Beckette, as the Interviewer

"Shepard has many imitators, but no one to match his cunning psychological expressionism and comedic ruthlessness." --Village Voice. "Shepard's work is a kind of verbal and visual jazz, which surprises you with its penetrating leaps of association and its startling voices."  --The New Yorker.

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