WINNER of the NEIU New Playwright's Competition:
For What It's Worth
A Comedy in Two Acts
by Damon Popovich
Presented in April, 2000

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH is a contemporary comedy written by Damon Popovich. The play has received a great deal of praise, including first prize for the Northeastern Illinois University Playwriting Competition.

Prominent couples therapist, Dr. Walter Worth, considers himself a master of the mind. However, the time for self-examination has come at the hands of a delirious ex-patient. Dr. Worth is about to be exposed in the middle of a session! Who will solve the problems if the Doctor loses his dignity...or his life?

This fresh comedy from playwright, Damon Popovich, examines both the hypocrisy and hilarity of the practice of psychiatry. With memorable characters and an intriguing plot, FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Directed by William Mayer
Chad Christensen
Annie Davis
Gabrielle Naye
Luke Stinson
Joe Tipre

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