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SCAPINO by Frank Dunlop and Jim Dale
  adapted from Moliere
Originally Presented in 1999 On
Oct. 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30   Nov. 4, 5, 6

Director:   Anna Antaramian NEIU faculty

Stage Manager:  Maria Castro   NEIU student
Choreographer:  Mary Beth Kisner-Griffin NEIU student
Juggling Choreographer:  Bill O’Connor
Sets/Light Designer:  Robert Smith   NEIU staff
Costume Designer:  Tina Haglund   NEIU alum

CAPINO by Jim Dale & Frank Dunlop is a self-proclaimed comedy that is “a long way off from Moliere.  Taking very loosely the plot of Moliere’s “The Adventures of Scapin”, adding a touch of the Italian commedia dell’arte tradition, a bit of the 60’s audience involvement and a lot of frolicking and mischievous behavior SCAPINO appears.

The plot of the play is very simple.  Two young men fall in love but not with women that meet their fathers’ approval.  In order to get the girls they want they plead with Scapino, a servant, to help them out of their dilemma.  As Scapino says himself, “The good Lord has blessed me with quite a genius for clever ideas and inspired inventions which the less talented, in their jealousies, call deceits and trickery”.  Scapino comes to the rescue though not in any traditional way and so follows a comic madness with one clever ploy following another.

Left to right in front: Harold 
Leboyer, Tim Libretti, Rula Gardenier; 
back left to right Daniel Willen
and Helen Johnson. 
Bill McIntosh; Daniel Willens
Rula Gardenier, Joseph Alaimo, 
Tony Muscarello, Josie Castro


Picture: Bill McIntoch  Bill McIntosh as Scapino

 Kevin Wieter as Ottavio Picture:  Kevin Wieter
Picture: Tim Libretti  Tim Libretti as Leandro NEIU Faculty
Harold Leboyer as Argante 
Daniel Willens as Geronte 
Rula Gardenier as Zerbinetta
Josie Castro as Giacinta NEIU Student

     Helen Johnson as Nurse NEIU Staff 
Joseph Alaimo as Carlo   NEIU student

Bill Mayer as Francesco NEIU student 

 Denise Medina as Waitress NEIU alum 
Tom Wattenbarger as Paolo   NEIU student

  Tony Muscarello as Sylvestro  NEIU alum

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