by  Lanford Wilson
Directed by:    Kevin Long
 Director's Notes
 Dec. 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 - 1999

First presented by New York's famed Circle Repertory Company in 1978, this brilliant, enthralling play has been hailed as a major work by one of our theatre's most important and celebrated writers.

Fifth of July pays compassionate tribute to a group of former student activists who gather for a reunion at an old farm in Lebanon, Mo.  As they reminisce, revealing lost dreams and buried resentments, they expose the shattered hopes of their college days at Berkley and the unhealed trauma of the Vietnam War.

Alternately funny and poignant, Fifth of July is "one of the most incredibly well written, profound and moving and often hilarious plays it has every been my privilege to see in the American theatre."-Rex Reed, N.Y. Daily News.  "The characters are mostly flamboyant, their dialogue crackles with laugh-inducing lines and we find ourselves dazzled by Wilson's virtuoso writing."-Charles Ryweck, The Hollywood Reporter.

Note: Fifth of July is a sophisticated work intended for matures audiences.

ACT I:  Early evening, Independence Day, 1977
ACT II:  The following day
PLACE:  The Tally place.   A farm near Lebanon, Missouri


Michael Warren seen as Kenneth Talley, Jr.
Scott Aiello seen as John Landis
Amy Dunlap seen as Gwen Landis
Aaron Reichert seen as Jed Jenkins
Roxanne Saylor seen as June Talley
Sarah Getzov seen as Shirley Talley
Dee Wright seen as Sally Friedman
Anthony Whitaker seen as Weston Hurley

Mary Ruth Brzezicki, Stage Manager
Robert G. Smith, Set Design
Tina Haglund, Constume Design

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