Children's Theatre Workshop is a class offered in the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre  designed to cover all aspects of production culminating in performances for elementary and  middle school  students.

Children's Theatre productions
For more information and for reservations to Stage Center's Children's Theatre Workshop please call
Dr. Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, Assistant Professor of Theatre
(773) 442- 5975

Schedule for the Fall-2014 and Spring-2015 Semesters


By Dennis Foon

3 November – 3 December 2014

(MWF @ 10.30 AM)


Tessa's dog is dying.  Keegan is being bullied.  Damon has a problem with lying.  In New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina is battering the Gulf Coast, eventually taking the lives of almost 2000 people.  And hundreds of thousands of pets will be killed or left without shelter.

Sound grim?  It isn't!  KINDESS is a funny, fast moving and life affirming play about the complicated lives of three middle schoolers.  Exploring issues of resilience, standing up for yourself and supporting your friends, this contemporary Canadian play shows three very real kids navigating the treacherous shoals of adolescence, sibling rivalry and BFFs to arrive at a surprisingly optimistic ending.

Playwright Dennis Foon confesses: "I was, for much of my life, an avowed pet hater.  It wasn't until I started researching this play and speaking with students in grades 5, 6 and 7 that I started to change my mind.  These kids loved their animals and I began to understand how important pets can be to people's emotional lives -- and how much I had missed.  This play is, in many ways, about those empty spaces, and the ways we find to fill them."

Suitable for grades 4-8

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by Joshua Mikel

Dates to be announced, April and May 2015,

A friendly game of pirates becomes all too real when overzealous Theodore accidentally falls into a giant sinkhole and wakes up to find himself amongst real high sea swashbucklers. Before getting back to the real world, he is forced on an epic journey with his companion Harriet the Ghost in a quest to find the notorious pirate Weird Beard and foil the mutinous Mr. Clunky Bones. Will Theodore be able to save Captain Cramp Hand's ship from falling into evil clutches and return to his friends in time for ice cream? (Playscripts)

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