Northeastern Illinois University

Stage Center Theatre

The Main Stage Season

     Directed by:
      Michael Buino
 April 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 - 2000

What happens when an aging actor, a very emotional ingenue (who's also pregnant) amd a fading diva are thrown together at the Erlanger Theatre in Buffalo, New York just before  famous Hollywood director Frank Capra holds auditions for his next film?

Will the veterans have their last chance at stardom?

Will anyone discover the secret affair?


Ed Jones as George Hay
Tina Haglund as Charlotte Hay
Rania Baxter as Ethel
Suzanne Taylor as Roslind
J. Carlos Panzio as Paul
Maria Castro as Eileen
Joseph Alaimo as Howard
Todd McConville as Richard
Luke Stinson as Comte DeGuiche
Soldiers: Ignacio Coello, Maria Castro, J. Carlos Panzio

Production Staff

Stage Manager, Carole Brown
Set/Light Designer: Robert G. Smith
Costume Designer, Tina Haglund
Fight Choreographers: Rania Baxter, Tina Haglund
Assistant Director, Kristin Mesikapp
Assistant Stage Manager, Joseph Alaimo
Master Carpenter, Phil Levine
Master Electrician, Adam Dowd
Sound Technician, Jeng Fong
Set Construction, Phil Levine, Theater Practicum Students
Prop Manager, Jeff Wade
Light Board Operator, Carole Brown
Prop Mistress, Sarguina Zodo
Dresser, Laura Hadley
Running Crew, Doug Owens

Box Office Manager: Jeremy Mangan, Christiana Bordabeheres
Publicity Coordinator: Laura R. Hadley
Publicity Consultant: Scott Holtz
Publicity Assistant: Carole Brown
Stage Center Theatre Photographer: Martin Felix

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