Stage Center Theatre 2013-2014 Season
Main Stage Production

All My Sons
by Arthur Miller

Directed by Rodney Higginbotham

Spring of the 2014 Semester

"Am I my brother's keeper?" An example of a moral dilemma would be a situation of having to decide whether to take an action that would benefit one's self and family at great expense to others, or to take an action where self is sacrificed for the good of others. All My Sons is set in the backyard of the home of Joe Keller, a manufacturer of airplane engine parts during World War II, who was faced with just such a moral dilemma. The play moves over the course of one Sunday morning and night in a typical American town, where we witness the outcome of the action Joe chose to take as it is played out in the lives of his family and closest friends.

Joe Keller...Tim Duggan
Kate Keller...Angela Sweigart-Gallagher
Chris Keller...Brian Rogers
Ann Deever...Jill Matel
Sue Bayliss...Nickolena Sellen
Jim Bayliss...Tim Hughes
George Deever...Jacob Belser
Frank Lubey...Bartholomew Webster
Lydia Lubey...Mary Nano
Bert...Bryson Jordan

Production Staff___________
Producer...Rodney Higginbotham
Director...Rodney Higginbotham
Stage Manager...Omar Jahjah
Assistant Stage Manager...Santino Santiago
Assistant Stage Manager...Marie Teylan
Scenic Designer...Lizz Otto-Cramer
Costume Designer...Jana Anderson
Lighting Designer...John Rodriguez
Sound Designer...Robert Leon
Costume Mistress...Mary Nano
Wardrobe...Monica Ocha
Prop Master...Jillian Mayer
Student Set Designer...Carmen Taylor
Master Carpenter...Jill Matel
Light Board Operator...Erika Monterroso
Sound Board Operator...Tara Shedor

Set ConstructionTheatre Practicum:
Matthew Artarian, Linda Berlow, Julissa Cabrera, Chi Chiu, Matthew Greenberg, Nicole Jaehnke, Alexandra LoBianco,
Patrick Phalen, Arnell Pugh-Peek, David Reynoso, Michael     Saylor, Heidi Schmidt, Nickolena Sellen, Natalija Stankovic, Ajoyi Stackhouse, Kathy Styer, Larry Thigpen, Tracey Washington, Carly Weich, Rufus Wood, Zachary Banasik, Breanne Benson, Theodore Garibaldi, Mariana Gonzales Fuentes, Victor Gonzalez, David Hansen, Joseph Kelty, Matthew Kestler, Frank Konrath, Marilyn Laboy, Patrick McIntyre, Diego Mejia, Susan Nirschel, Andrea Nunez, Roxanne Reinhold, Robert Schein, Lucyna Tekiela, Juan Torres, Wojciech Warias, Angela Weisgal,Samantha De La, Saul Marty, Margaret Rios, Jimmy Radecki, Shannon Zich, Hailey Whitney

CMT Department Talent Scholars___________
Laura Carmer, Sean Ihnat, Maciej Mardosz, Jill Matel,Phil Morris, Mary Nano, Alison Petroski, Nickolena Sellen, Bartholomew Webster, Edward Philip Winston, Jesus Alcantara, Rodney Burnett, Ashley Campbell, and Robert Leon

Theatre Personnel___________
Managing Artistic Director...Rodney Higginbotham
Theatre Bookkeeper...Elizabeth Krahulec
Publications & Publicity Staff...Mary Nano, Phil Morris and Ashley Campbell
Box Office & House Managers...Maciej Mardosz, Ashley Campbell,

Post World War II
The action takes place in the Keller Family backyard.
Act I...Sunday Morning
........10 MINUTE INTERMISSION.........
Act II...Twilight That Evening
Act III...2 AM  the Following Morning

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Tim Duggan (Joe Keller) is an Associate Professor in the Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies Department at NEIU. He teaches in the Secondary English Education program and coordinates a partnership between the University and Amundsen High School. He last appeared in the Stage Center Theatre production of As You Like It, and also served as musical director for that show and for Twelfth Night. He dedicates his performance to his wife, Heidi, and his children, Eamon and Liesel, for tolerating his absence during these long winter evenings.

Angela Sweigart-Gallagher (Kate Keller) is an Assistant Professor of Theatre in the CMT department. She directed the Stage Center Theatre's productions of When the World Was Green (Fall 2013) and How I Learned to Drive (Spring 2013). She was last seen as Dr. Tomb in Dr. Womb and Dr. Tomb's Wondrous Wandering Ward of Cures, Correctives and Creams for All That Ails and Avails the Utilitarian and Utterly Unreliable Uterus.

Brian Rogers (Chris Keller) is truly thrilled to be making a return to the stage after a brief absence. Brian graduated recently with a theatre minor from NEIU. This is his eighth production at the Stage Center Theatre. He'd like to thank Rodney for the amazing opportunity to appear in one of his favorite plays. Brian is also very excited to work with such an amazing cast and crew.  He is especially grateful to Kristen for her support and encouragement.

Jill Matel (Ann Deever) is very happy to be returning to the Stage Center stage for the 15th time.  Currently in her last semester as a CMT major at NEIU and acting as Master Carpenter for the Stage Center Theatre, Jill hopes to go on to complete her MFA in acting this fall.  She would like to thank a wonderfully wacky and talented cast and crew, Rodney, John and Lizz, the CMT department and especially Dan who keeps things going during her crazy schedule!!  LU

Nickolena Sellen (Sue Bayliss) is in her final semester at NEIU in the CMT department. Some of her favorite roles include Endora in The M Word at the Riverfront Playhouse and the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical the Musical at Aurora Central Catholic High School. When Nickolena isn't in school, at work, or working on a production she can be found binge watching everything on Netflix. She would like to thank all of her amazing friends, family and the wonderful people here in the CMT department for all of their never ending support.

Tim Hughes (Jim Bayliss) Tim, a proud alumni of Northeastern Illinois University, is happy to be back on stage at the Stage Center Theatre. Previous credits include Walter Burns in The Front Page, Pastor Manders in Ghosts, and Colonel Proctor in Around the World in Eighty Days. When Tim is not acting, he is a Chicago Public School teacher.

Bartholomew Webster (Frank Lubey) is excited to be performing in All My Sons! He is currently a senior majoring in Communication, Media and Theatre. He has previously performed at NEIU in The Cherry Orchard, Primrose, The Servant of Two Masters and The Braggart Soldier. He is grateful to be a part of such a great cast and crew and to work with Rodney. He would like to thank his family and friends for being   amazing!

Jacob Belser (George Deever) is currently a senior studying Philosophy here at Northeastern Illinois   University. This is his first production, and he is very pleased to be working with such a great group of people. When he gets tired of attempting to understand why he, or anything at all, exists, he enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, and has recently begun to smear paint around canvases and call it art. He would like to thank the theatre community at Northeastern for being so welcoming to a newb. 

Mary Nano (Lydia Lubey) will be earning her BA from the CMT department this spring and could not be happier. She was last seen as Varya in The Cherry Orchard and Circre in The Odyssey at the Stage Center Theatre. Mary would like to thank Lizz, Lisa, Rodney, Angie, Jana and the cast and crew for a memorable experience. If Clucas is reading this, then HAAROO!!

Bryson Jordan (Bert) is no stranger to the Stage Center Theatre, but he is excited to make his Stage Center Theatre acting debut. Bryson appeared as reporter Sydney Grimm in the Old Orchard Junior High production of Big Bad and most recently in The Fearsome Pirate Frank as a Vita Lu Pirate and a Nightmare Sailor. Bryson has lots of fun on stage, but he also enjoys playing piano, guitar and saxophone. When he is not playing music or on stage, he can be found playing sports and hanging out with friends. Bryson would like to thank Rodney Higginbotham for casting him in All My Sons, and he'd like to thank his family and friends for all their support.

Rodney Higginbotham (Director) holds an MFA in Theatre Directing from Southern Illinois University and a BA in Speech Education from Northeast Louisiana University. He has served as Managing/Artistic Director of the Stage Center Theatre and Acting Chair of the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre. He has directed several productions for the Stage Center and for professional, educational, and community theatres in Chicago-land.

Omar Jahjah (Stage Manager) is studying Communication, Media and Theatre at Northeastern Illinois University. This is the first production he has ever worked on. When Omar is not working on papers or projects, he is running (literally) around the city of Chicago preparing for the next marathon. A shout out goes to his family and the University: heíll be out of their hair soon.

Marie Teylan (Assistant Stage Manager) is a Communication, Media and Theatre major at Northeastern Illinois University. Marie is extremely excited to be assisting the stage manager of All My Sons, as it is her first production. When Marie isnít studying, doing homework, or working, she is on the hunt for the next best pizza place in the beautiful city of Chicago! Shout out to Lou Malnatiís because it is currently her #1 fave!

Santino Santiago (Assistant Stage Manager) is in the CMT program at NEIU, and will be graduating this upcoming summer, WOOT-WOOT!!! Santino is happy to be co-stage manager of this wonderful production of All My Sons. This is Santino's first appearance with the main stage. He has directed The Boor in the Stage Center Theatre Directing Class. When Santino shows up to a closed school on his bicycle in Chicago's very own polar vortex, he makes the best of it and rides on.

Robert Leon (Sound Designer) Two weeks into his first semester at NEIU he stumbled into WZRD the local school radio station. There he found a hidden treasure of CDís and old vinyl's he had never heard of before, all just waiting to be discovered. Since then Robbie has been DJ'ing every Friday as a Wizard. Currently 88.3 FM on the radio dial, WZRD gave Robbie the opportunity to not only discover new music, but allowed him to speak his mind about other topics such as politics, physical and mental health, and education. While working with Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, Robbie learned how influential sound can be when looking to create a specific emotion for the audience. Robbie hopes to graduate with a degree in Communication, Media and Theatre with a minor in Media. He then hopes to create his own business that focuses on empowering people to create their own content.

John Rodriguez (Lighting Designer) joined the theatre faculty at NEIU ten years ago and has been teaching courses in technical theatre as well as working as a designer on Stage Center Theatre productions. Most recent designs include Around the World in Eighty Days, Bleacher Bums, Odd Couple, A Midsummer Night's Dream as well as Thymely Theatreís productions of You Canít Take It With You and As You Like It.

Lizz Otto-Cramer (Scenic Designer) is happy to be making her return to NEIU after a 5 year hiatus. A graduate from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Lizz has designed, painted, and created props for numerous theatres throughout the nation, including the Kennedy Center and Universal Studios Hollywood. She greatly enjoys working with her students and fellow faculty at NEIU, and is excited to be teaching again.

Jana Anderson (Costume Designer) has worked with the Stage Center Theatre for the last few years. Her work has also been featured by numerous theatre groups including Redmoon Theatre, Light Opera Works, Irish Repertory Theatre, just to name a few. Prior to coming to the United States, Jana created elaborate costumes for classical opera productions at the Slovak National Theatre in   Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. When she's not preparing costumes for theatre productions, Jana is busy designing and creating unique haute couture fashions for individual clients in the US and Europe.

Carmen Taylor (Student Set Designer) is a CMT major at Northeastern Illinois University. This is her first set design project. She has performed in a variety of productions as an actress. Carmen enjoys spending time with her senior citizens on her route as a letter carrier. She would like to thank Lizz Otto-Cramer for this great opportunity.

(Publicity Photo from rehearsal)

Tim Duggan as Joe Keller, Angie Sweigart-Gallagher as Kate Keller, Brian Rogers as Chris Keller

Produced with special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
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