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The SuperConductor Collection

Does not contain a wealth of information, but does contain a little history and an interesting gallery of various types of superconductors (such as Organic, Praseodynium, etc.).


Applications of SuperConductors

This page gives general information on the various applications of SuperConductors both current and emerging which is why I included it.

  Sensory/Communication Applications



Low Noise 7.4 Ghz Receiver Downconverter

This receiving device allows for an increase in data rate, reduction in transmitter power, reduction in antenna size, etc.  Once the superconducting components are cooled, the device will have a noise figure of .7 db and a conversion gain of 18 db.  It only consumes about 70 mW of power. Developed by NASA!


The SuperFilter System

Related to the cellular phone industry.  These superconductor enhanced filters offer excellent interference rejection and a ultra-low noise figure providing cellular phone users with better reliability (less crosstalk,dropped calls, etc.).


The Scanning SQUID microscope

Using SQUID technology, an extremely sentitive microscope has been developed for imaging local magnetic fields  (Courtesy of IBM research).


 High Tc Bolometer

With superconducting enhancments, this new type of bolometer will aid in the detection of stratospheric OH (hydroxyl), a radical that is one of the key components aiding in the destruction of the ozone layer.

  Other possible useful tidbits


#7 The 123 SuperConductor pictoral/step by step recipe This one might be very useful the next time Materials is taught Dr. Dolan.  The technique is slightly different (seems easier);  It involves placing the mixture in the cooker 2 or more times before you press into a round pellet.  Also, it seems it's okay to use acetone to aid in mixing the three powders.
#8 Other SuperConductivity Links Use at your own risk!  Another SuperConductivity Links page I found and put up so when you get tired of my particular links, you can check these out.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Meissner Effect: