Tokar's Question: Surface Tension vs. Buoyancy, NES-AAPT Fall Meeting, 2000

Tokarís Question:  Surface Tension vs. Buoyancy published in The Physics Teacher, February 2001

 A Simple Model for Charge Transport in Ferromagnet/Superconductor Point Contacts (APS March Meeting, 2001)

 Comment on Walking a charged pith ball perpendicular to an electric field (accepted for publication in the American Journal of Physics)

 Inelastic Scattering in Normal metal/Superconductor Point Contacts (submitted to Physica C)

 Chromatic Aberration in Introductory Labs (submitted to The Physics Teacher)

 Chromatic Aberration in Introductory Labs, part II (to be submitted to The Physics Teacher)

 Piecing the Parts Together (submitted to The Physics Teacher)

 An Experiment to Measure Rotational Inertia  (to be submitted to The Physics Teacher)

 A Computer-Assisted Experiment to Measure the Position Dependence of a Dipole Magnetic Field
 (to be submitted to The Physics Teacher)

Inelastic Scattering in Mechanically Treated Niobium Superconducting Point Contacts (APS March Meeting, 2002)