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Netiva Caftori

Fall 2006

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Click on the View menu above, and then source:

We will start with some phrase elements such as:
  • Abbreviation
  • Acronym
  • Citation
  • Computer code
  • Definition
  • Emphasize
  • Keyboard
  • Quote
  • Sample
  • Strong

The phrase elements can replace some text-formatting elements such as:

  • Bold
  • Big
  • Italic
  • Small
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Monospaced text

Special characters:

  • ¢
  • ©
  • £
  • ¥
  • ®
  • <
  • >
  • &
  • "

Definition list

Strict xhtml
without deprecated elements
Transitional xhtml
tolerating deprecated html elements
Frameset xhtml
defining frames

Screen resolution

To set your screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 do the following:
-- when your pc boots up locate your cursor in a blank area of your desktop screen that comes up with all of your icons and click the right mouse button once. When the window appears left click once on "Properties" then left click once on the "Settings" tab.
Then on the left side of the next window toward the middle of the screen you will see a downward arrow. Place your cursor on the downward arrow and hold the left click of your mouse down and drag the downward arrow until you see the resolution set at 1280 x 1024.
Click on the Apply button on the lower righthand side and the screen will black out and re-adjust your resolution then click OK and you're done.
by Matt A.
Instructor's Office hours Course schedule Good web sites and the CRAAP test
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Good web sites

as suggested by students

Here are 3 good sites and 1 bad by Namo. He used the CRAAPT test.

Filefront is a site that lets you download files, like games, software, and trails.
Currency: It is usually always up to date and all the links work fine. There is a date for each file so the information is newly added. The site is revised daily.
Relevance/Coverage: The information is not unique but there are some unique files that can only be found on filefront, like user uploaded. The site provides the information you need to use the file and it is very simple to use. Yes, the site does provide the information I need and I would use it as a research paper.
Authority: The authors are either people or other websites, where the information was gathered from. They do have links to the site the materials were gathered from. Yes the author is affiliated with a site and they have published other works. No, the site does not sponsor another site. It is .com.
Accuracy: Information comes from other sites, the source is listed. Yes I can verify that some sources are independent sources. No tone is biased, some typos.
Purpose: You can easily see the advertising and if you are a member it gets removed. Everything is easy to see and clearly labeled. The purpose of the site is stated and it is to supply data.

It is a stream site like YouTube.
Currency: Everything is up to date and everything works fine, each link is clearly labeled. Site is revised daily.
Relevance: The information is not unique but I think it is found easily because there is not as much data as on YouTube but it does link from within YouTube if it does not have that data.
Authority: The authors are people or other sites. The information is gathered by category. It is .com and the site does sponsor other sites.
Accuracy: Information comes from people so it might not be accurate.
Purpose: Everything is easily used and the site is for entertainment purposes.


Currency: Daily updates and links work fine.
Relevance: The information is unique since it covers games and it is usually the first site to get the data on online games.
Authority: The authors are the site owners and the information is from games but it is very accurate.
Accuracy: Very accurate would use it as a research paper.
Purpose: To supply information and to point out changes in games.

Download site like filefront.com, I think it.s a bad site because you have to wait to download data and if your internet crashes, it thinks you are still downloading and you can.t download the same file again. The site is also full of advertising and you have to pay to use some links.

The Killer Robot

A Robbie CX30 robot killed its operator at CyberWidgets, Inc. in Silicon Valley. Could someone have programmed the robot to ice that guy? In the Valley many feel it won't be easy to assign blame.

See my Killer Robot power-point presentation.




In this book (the Killer Robot) a dynamic exploration of a fictional industrial accident and the possible ramifications of poor engineering design are presented in an informative, yet entertaining look at how computers can affect society. Enjoy the reading and take notes for class...

Robot site

Go over the different cases portrayed in the site above, taken from the book.

Killer or programmer? quiz...

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