John Vinson



"Pale and Male: 19th Century Design in a 21st Century World"


After reading some of "Unlocking the Clubhouse", they state that


most advances in technology are modeled for a male society. The first


artificial heart valve, air bags, just to name a few, were molded after the


male body leaving a disadvantage to women. Some of the most revolutionary ideas, with primitive


thinking, that the 'male' is the majority.


Computer Sciences, Engineering a long with some other fields are creative


areas, only those with the best imaginations can prevail. The introduction of


women into these fields, can bring infinite possibilities on what can be


accomplished when both men and women are involved. Why settle for


something designed with one sex in mind when you can better improve that


design with the intuitive mind of a woman. However to see a greater share of


women entering these fields we need to welcome them in open arms instead


of isolating them. Make a schedule of classes that will have real


world experience instead of hurdles, make them understand the relevance.


Allow classes to bring experience to all, so that everyone is on the


same level, and rid the classes and labs of any stereotypes. In classes use a variety


of mixed role models, someone both men and women can look upon. If we start


to fix these problems now in time our field will be more diverse and creative.