CS 300 quizzes

Quiz 1

Just review end of chapter 1 questions.

Quiz 2

Review end of chapter 2 questions.

Quiz 3

Review end of chapter 3 questions.

Quiz 4

Review end of chapter 8 questions.

Midterm Project

Work with a peer or 2, or 3 to build a web page of your choice.
Share with your teacher your topic asap
You will be evaluated by the class on this team project so the presentation itself is important. Read ch. 4 on navigation and include a feedback form so you may be evaluated ahead of time and could improve your page at least.

Final exam

Review end of chapters 1-5 questions.
Review all assignments and examples shown in book and in class.
The exam will be asking you to build a web page from a list of choices.
You'll have to use as many tools learned in class or used in previous assignments.
All resources are open to you: Open book, notes, friends, etc.
Doing the individual project well will be a best preparation for this.

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