cs 300 assignements

See a general list of assignments:

You will use these later for assig. 2 or 5 and for extra credit. 


Assignment 1

Create a web page using HTML on NEIU
and include:

                  Assignments are fun
Use the w3 validator to check for errors.
Include underlines, bold and italic.

See instructions for creating a web page.
Email me your url asap to n-caftori@neiu.edu. Thanks.

Assignment 2

Create a framed page or an iframe.

In case of an iframe use the php include function, which is practical and only requires a single line of code:
"?php include("filepath/file.html"); ?"
Replace the " in the above by < and > respectively.

In case of a framed page, which is deprecated in html5:
The left window must have a list of at least 3 or 4 links with all targets on the right frame except one that will take you to a new window using target="_blank" within the anchor element.
For example, see my home on a separate window.
The advantage of linking to a separate window is that your audience will not lose your original page and eventually will come back to you.
One of the links should link within a page (using id= and name=). For example you may link to the bottom of this page.
Have also a link from one page to the bottom of another.
Also use target="_parent" to return to your start page.

Use tables: The table can be on the right frame page or on the left for the series of links.

You may do one of the projects at the end of chapter 2 or any other page of your choice (see the general list attached at the top of the page).

The following assignments 3a-3d, 4, and 5 may be done in any order you wish. Make sure you show me any completed assignment to get your credit.

Assignment 3a

Prepare a jeopordy game with questions and answers taken from our book ch. 3 or before, or on another topic of your choice.
See an example.

Assignment 3b

Create your own blog and link to it from your front page.
Good blog sites are the following: The topic of your blog should be related to computers. You may even write about Usability and combine with the following assignment.
Ask a question and get more credit if receive some answers.

a cute animated story

Assignment 3c

Usability study

Do some research on usability and write one paragraph explaining how your page was made more usable as a consequence.
In addition, make sure you give a couple of examples of good pages and one example of a bad page. Make sure you explain why that page is bad.
You may do all this within your blog and kill 2 birds at once:)
You may explore ajax-web development with jabascript.
Mash-up like web 2.0, share, social network, connotia, or flicker. A mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.
You may want to explore Jared Spool ( Co-Author of Designing for the Scent of Information. The Scent of Information is a proven concept that explains how people navigate) or
Debra Mayhew writings on usability testing.
Morae, paper, prototype, Think-aloud-protocol (Think aloud protocol is a method used to gather data in usability testing in product design and development).
An alternative to the usability study would be a
CRAAP test of a chosen site.

Assignment 3d

Choose an existing page and improve it with the new tools you just learned. Make sure you render it more usable (Extra credit).

Assignment 4 - Midterm

Work on a midterm project with your team including:

Email me your team's url so I can list it on my students' sites

Assignment 5

Write a script that will validate form's inputs that will include:

In this feedback form you'd like to check who your audience is and how they like your site, so ask appropriate questions.

Assignment 5b - css

For extra credit:
An important tool for building and reusing WEB page layouts is CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. This feature allows you to vary layout, type styles, background colors and much more by changes in one place in a large site rather than editing hundreds or even thousands of pages. By answering this question you will be testing and perhaps building your knowledge of how to use CSS.
Please do the following:
a. Create a WEB site with 5 pages in it.
b. Each WEB page should have a header, a sidebar, a main section, and a footer
c. Using embedded CSS, set the background color, the font and size, and the physical size of each section on the first page. Name each section on the first page.
d. Export the embedded CSS to a file named Test(your first name).css
e. Use this file to set the parameters of all other pages. Note that if you complete the first page and CSS before you do the other pages this assignment is easier.
f. Use a copy of the first page to do all the other four. Note that the content of each page should be unique.
Then the real test.
1. Make a copy of the site above and use it to create a second site.
2. Change the background color, the fonts, and the text sizes in test(your first name) and save it as test(your first name2).css
3. Demonstrate that by changing CSS you can create completely different appearing WEB sites.

Assignment 6 - individual project

Do any project of your choice or that builds on a previous project you did. It can be a continuation of the midterm project if appropriate.
This individual project should have all 5 requirements of the team project:

  1. Rollovers
  2. Image map
  3. Album
  4. Layers
  5. Feadback form as in assignment 5
  Additionally, incorporate
  • cascading sheets,
  • animation,
  • flash and/or photoshop.
  Although if these do not fit your project,
  just use them in a separate page.

Email me the url of your project or link to it from your front page. In your email indicate where you used Photoshop or Flash so can get credit for your hard work:)
This will be your last project.

The final exam will be similar to this last project, so do it the best you can:)

You have reached the bottom of this page. Congratulations!:)

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