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Course Description

Prerequisites: Knowledge of an Object-oriented programming language and Data Structures.
Students in this course will be encouraged to build and deploy powerful, interactive Web applications using the very latest Web programming and database technologies: Visual Studio.Net or DreamWeaver, HTML and XHTML, Photoshop, Flash, JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), PhP,and if time permits Oracle9i, MySql or MS Access 2002.
The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to creating Web sites that incorporate data from databases (when possible). This course provides an introduction to material about HTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET. In addition to explaining concepts, the course uses a multitude of web creating assignments to reinforce the material in each chapter.


There will a quiz at the end of each week. In addition there will be a team mideterm, an individual project and an "open-everything" last exam. Short projects will be also be assigned as we learn new tools. Some assignments may be done in teams. Since a semester time does not allow coverage of both Photoshop and Flash, students will be given the choice of using one or the other or both.
Your last web project will be presented to the class. Participation in class activities is crucial. Grading (and chapters' presentations) will be done on a curve.


Tools learned in this course:

  • FrontPage and this one too.
  • Dreamweaver 8
  • Dreamweaver MX
  • Download Dreamweaver CS5 trial version.
  • Learn Dreamweaver CS5 Step by Step.
  • Learning tutorials of Adobe DW and more, suggested by Guillermo.
  • Some examples of roll-over, albums, and image map from Ghana
  • Table made by DW with pictures from Benin.
  • Form gallery suggested by Ryan
  • PHP tutorial
  • W3 school on pHp
  • A slide show using php
  • Some Flash examples:

  • Flash movie of some puppets and on my life.
  • Some Flashand pictures from the web.
  • Deviant art in Flash
  • Flash slide show maker

    Java and other related sites

  • E-commerce class notes and projects.
  • Visual Basic tutorial
  • dot net nuke open source portal.
  • A free download of Java and C++ books.
  • Introduction to Jbuilder
  • Some Java script examples
  • Some Java tools for developers --- Or more directly check
    Java 1.0.2 API documentation
  • Problem Solving with Java, by E. Koffman and U. Wolz,
    Addison Wesley, 1999.
  • Optional reference: Java in a nutshell, a desktop quick reference,
    by David Flanagan, Oreilly, 3rd edition, 1997...recommended highly as a reference tool.
  • Java, How to Program, 3rd Edition, by Deitel & Deitel, Prentice Hall,
    ISBN 0-13-012507-5, an alternative to the textbook, more thourough and complex.
  • An Introduction to JAVA Programming by Daniel Liang, QUE, 1998.

    FTP information:

  • Advice from Kelvin: If you use the WinSCP FTP @ NEIU, you can
    download that FTP source on your computer by going to winscp download. After you download it just enter "" and
    your NEIU user name and password and you should get your NEIU files.
    Personally, I like WinSCP better than FileZilla Allright, that's all.
    Mike G. suggests
    if you are not successful in logging into (going thru File or View menus).
    Remember our host server is
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    Other useful links:

  • Upload your pictures by Paul.
  • Example of a bad page as suggested by Guillermo.
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