Internet Voting

The California Secretary of State's office has a page on election systems at "" that includes links to PDF documents listing the 58 counties in the state and what voting systems they used for the November 2002 election and what voting systems they will use for the October 2003 recall election. There is also a link to another document with a list of all voting systems certified for use in California that includes even more detail (like manufacturers' addresses).

Kluwer wrote on secure electronic voting and technologies with a chapter by Ed Gerck.

With the US and other countries poised to test Internet voting in 2004/6, this book may provide useful, timely points for the discussion of the assurances thereof --

  • what is voter identity in this case,
  • how is it authenticated and
  • how can we assure voter privacy after the voter is identified?
  • How about auditing?
  • How can we provide a process similar, for example, to a voter signature in a mail ballot with double-blind envelopes?

    We cannot audit electrons, but we can surely audit their patterns.

    Salon has an interesting article about the struggle between voting activists and voting industry representatives in trying to produce an IEEE standard for electronic voting: or (if that URL wraps)

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