Netiva in Togo, Africa
village in Togo

Netiva in Togo, Africa

May 2004

with five friends

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. - R. W. Emerson.
Tree in Kpalime

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It was a great 4-day trip with a Finnish woman from Abijan, Pirita, a French man from Paris, Cidric, another French man from Togo, Sofiane, a French woman from Benin, Anais, and her mother from the French Guyene, Anne-Marie We had lots of fun seeing the the water fall and visiting Kpaline, walking its forests and mountains and visiting the artisanal center there. forest
at a village

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Something about language

Today Africa is home to more than 50 countries, some 1000 languages, and a rich mosaic of stories, drumbeats, and landscapes. The English language has borrowed words from many of those languages: trek, aardvark, impala, gnu, okra to name a few.

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