This Martial Arts form emphasizes hand and foot coordination. It combines sharp, strong angular movements with graceful and free flowing circular movement to produce a harmonious balance of beauty and power. Centered around a philosophy of nonviolence, respect for oneself and one's opponent, and striving to reach one's full potential.

Tae Kwon Do is action philosophy. It is the Korean art of self defense. Literally translated,

    Tae means kick, jump or smash with the foot.
    Kwon means a fist-mainly to punch or destroy with the hand or fist.
    Do means the art, the way, the method.

Taekwondo is more than a course in self-defense. The discipline encourages development of the whole person, stressing the interaction of the mind, body, and spirit. Elements of Taekwondo include: speed, flexibility, balance, concentration, techniques in blocking, kicking and punching and the psychological principles of fighting. With the addition of its own devastating kicking techniques (Taekwondo's trademark), it is a complete, integrated and unique system of self-defense and personal improvement. The combined thought and experience of centuries has produced our modern art which continues to draw strength and stability from the past.