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Assignement 2

Slowly but surely Use Microsoft Word (or another Word Processing tool) to write a two or 3--page, doubly-spaced paper on a subject of your choice that is related to
Extra credit: Print out this assignment and bring it with you to the Writing Lab on the 2nd floor of LWH (2094? or is it now also in the lib 4th floor?) to make an appointment to check your essai. Bring your receipt to get the extra credit.

Use Spell-Check and Grammar-check to make sure you don't have any mistakes before you go for your appointment at the writing lab, or before turning it in.
Also use the Thesauraus when you have repeating words to improve your vocabulary.

Check Word 2003 and 2007 techniques to see some parallels between the 2 versions.

Employ as many of the features (a bout 1 pt each) of Word learned such as

  1. A table
  2. Header and footer (maybe your name on each page)
  3. Different formats...e.g. page number
  4. borders, or shading
  5. Clip Art insertion and resizing (show same picture in 2 different sizes)
  6. Newspaper columns: Make sure that only one paragraph is in columns. For this you need to highloght a paragraph already written and then start columns.
  7. Bullets
  8. Change the spacing mid-way
  9. Insert the system date
  10. Include footnotes or endnotes
  11. Draw lines or arrows
  12. Rotate text by inserting a text box, writing in it and rotating it.
  13. Word Art
  14. Watermarks
  15. Create a table of contents with your essai or by using your first assignment as text and adding the table of content.
  16. Track changes: turn in the excercise paper you did with your teammates showing the changes you each inserted in different colors.

As with assig. 1 you may turn in this assig. online to the grader at (recommended) and turn in to me your Writing Lab receipt after your visit there (hopefully you will get an appointment there early enough). In addition, to make sure this was done on time, turn in this assignment again on Blackboard, under assignments, either pasted into the comment field or attached.

This assignment is out of 40 points, the last 2 item earning you more points.

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Assignement 3

Using the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excell (or Quatro-Pro or Lotus 123) to create a small spreadsheet of your choice.
For example, have your expenses summarized by months or do one of the projects suggested in your text or by your instructor.

Make sure you

  1. Have a title and your name
  2. Label all columns and rows
  3. Create at least 2 or three rows and columns of numbers.
  4. Have totals (or differences) displayed at the end of each column and row.

Spell check before turning in your assignment.

You should

  1. Format numbers two different ways (with or w/o $ sign for ex.).
  2. Display the date (using the NOW() function)
  3. Calculate the percentage of a number from the total on its row or column. The percent should be under 100%.
  4. Construct 3 graphs (pie, bar and line), depending if the range is the whole spreadsheet, or just a row or a column.
  5. Change the width of a column or two
  6. Change the height of a row or two
  7. Use the IF function to warn you when your expenses are over the budget (for ex., IF TOTAL>1000 then Watch it!, otherwise you are under control...)
  8. Format your column headings and title and center them.
  9. Format the Totals row and/or column with lines or shades.
  10. Besides a regular printout turn in a cell-formula printout.
  11. Print also a section of your spreadsheet by using the page setup under the File menu.

It is preferable that the contents of the spreadsheet be on a topic involving computers in society: maybe some statistics on computer usage by ethnic groups, etc.

Note that altogether you need to turn in 3 printouts unless you send the whole spreadsheet to the grader. Consider changing the printout to landscape from portrait if the chart doesn't fit on a page.

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Assignement 4

Use the data-base program MS Access to create a db-file of your choice.


  • Telephone directory of your friends and family
  • Music library directory of your collection
  • Your courses directory
  • A project suggested in your book
  • Extra credit: Include data about computers in our society.
  • Make sure you include at least 4 fields: numeric, character, date and logical (y/n). Create queries so that you

    1. List your table in the order created.
    2. List your table w/ fewer fields.
    3. List your table in alphabetical order (or opposite order than in #1).
    4. List it in numerical order.
    5. List only those records where the date is beyond a certain date (e.g., all people born after 1981).
    6. List only those records whose logical field is YES (e.g., all married people among your friends)
    7. List the records whose numeric field is between 2 values (e.g., all friends who are between 17 and 25).
    8. Print a graph of your data base file (e.g., ages of your friends vs. their names on the x-axis). Do it using a form, or Excel.
    9. Calculate a total or an average of all numeric fields as appropriate (you may include this within a report, as in #10.)
    10. Print a report.

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    Assignement 5

    Don't bug her Create your own home page, as explained in the create home page.

    A home page is the your image to the world

    Assignement 6

    a funny computer With a team of your choice create a presentatiom using PowerPoint and present it to the class. Topics I'd like you to concentrate on should be related to computer security, ethics, clowd computing and social media as it is used in business today.

    Examples from previous semesters include:

    Old presentation like the one by Hafija and a friendship example by Neha, are no longer allowed.

    Come up with an idea of your own after consulting with me,

    Last one

    Assignement 7

    Create a blog using one of the choices of servers suggested. Write about where you see computers used in Chicago, and ask a question so you may get an answer from someone.

    keep on

    Assignement 8

    Download Alice from, review the 4 tutorials and design your own short program.
    Instead, just for fun, you can download Game maker onto your computer and design your own game.

    Alternatively if you choose, write a program using the BASIC programming language QBASIC, or Micrsoft Quick Basic, or any other of your choice.
    In which case:

    Check the Sample Program first.

    Draw a flowchart to help you design the program.

    Your program is to

  • Read (or input) student records: Name (N$), 4 grades (G1, G2, G3, G4).
  • Calculate student's Average (A1)
  • From the average, figure out the student's rank (R$), i.e., decide if the student is
  • on probation (A1 smaller than 2.5),
  • Honors student (A1 greater than 4), or
  • normal (otherwise).
  • Write out (or output) Student's name, average and rank.
  • Input:Name4 grades

    Last and not least

    Assignement 9

    Extra credit: Talk to me about an idea not yet expressed here.

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