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Blessing of the animals
Blessing of the
animals, Oct. 2006
Your Jewish family in SkokieTJM celebrated their 50th in 2004
Please join us- 847-676-1566
Observing the Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, June 2006, and
the dedication of Mishkenot Daniel in Jaffa, June 2006.

who is going to be the idol? hanukkah with Phyllis and Harriet
New member shabbat
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Israel Emergency Campaign

read books some of usJewish book club
meeting with an author.
Meeting with Cantor Evan from Congregation Harel in Jerusalem.

Sharon & Eunice Sam and Sheila Finally get Married the girls ~.~.~ Phyllis, Gus, Arlene ~.~.~ GiGi w Connie, Vinnie & SherwinClick each picture

Theater outing, Feb. 2006. Purim, March 13, 2006.

Our annual bbq 3 cuties, Sept. 2005. ~~~ TJM team Susan Komen's Race for the Cure, Oct. 2005

Sneak preview for the our great actorsWorld goes round, TJM play of the year scheduled for June 23, 25, and 26th matine.
The Jewish times

Story of a forgotten jew

Remembering Maxwell Street M
3 women Stan & Carl kissing

1001 nights in Shushan

the 2 vps and the queen Katie
Our picture album from the party on 3/19/05
Sally and Beryl Marylin, John, Robin & Phil our belly dancer our Rabbi Vashti

Mall in the Family: a Musical

May 1-4, 2003

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Salsa night , Feb 15th, 2003

Kamla, Marilyn and phil
Our decorators.

May 2nd, 4th, 5th 2002 Mitzvah Monologues at the Good Time Cabaret, our annual play:
  • Jan and Patti getting ready.
  • Judy on her birthday.
  • Howard and Bob with matching colors that i love...:)
  • John and Seth our director and audio helper
  • Marilyn and me
  • Ralph, Allen, Bob and Seth
  • Robin L and Jon
  • Robin H et al
  • Sydney and Jill
  • the kids: Daniel, Sydney, Hallie, Jen, Rachel, Austin
  • Bob, Ralph and Lester
  • Carlyn and I
  • Jan and Lester
  • Netiva, Robin L and Jan
  • On stage
  • Linda, Marsha, Robin H and Patti
  • Shayna at the lights and Seth at the audio board
  • Seth and Daniel: What a pair of clowns!
  • Sharon S with her wig...:)
  • Joel and John who hates pictures...:(
  • Beatiful Jen
  • Judy again, this time with her outfit.
  • Moe
  • Moe and George
  • Serious on stage singing the Rose.
  • Me with Jen and Carly
  • Learn and I
  • with Sharon K and Patti
  • Robin h and Howard
  • Howard smiling
  • the sign with George, Sydnie, Marsha, and me.
  • Daniel and Sydnie
  • Again the beautiful sign with Marsha, Austin and me
  • Sharon S, Bob and Rachel
  • Sharon K, Jan, and patti
  • the dummy
  • What a hug by Rachel and Seth
  • More later
  • Any comment?

    By the way happy Lag Baomer!

    Austin & Rachel

    austin, Seth, Daniel, Sydney, Carly, Rachel

    August 26th, 2001 bar-b-q
  • 10 years olds
  • Berl, Ira, Audrey, Michael, Don, Ivan, Jan
  • Ellen, Audrey D., Enid
  • The men: Craig, Alan, Bob, Ricky, Ralph, cary
  • Jerry P., Brian, Kay
  • Jane and Kate
  • Teens
  • Jan, Netiva, Moe
  • Ivan, Lilia, Kris, and Helayne
  • our kids     Us women

    May 2001: The last days of the StarLight diner, our play at temple...
  • Barb with Jim, Larry, Clay and Sharlene before rehearsal.
  • Listening to John as he gives us his weekly notes.
  • Sitting on stage and listening attentively.
  • John talking, again.
  • Judy talking as usual...:)
  • Sharon K just smiling...
  • Mhari doing her thing...
  • First scene in our diner
  • Robin, Patti, and me back stage
  • Austin and Shayna, as adorable as can be.
  • Austin and me
  • Young ladies
  • Patti and me
  • Jody made up by Mhari.
  • Makeup by Gloria.
  • More makeup by Chris, on Aaron.
  • Hally, Judy and big Shayna waiting for make-up.
  • Howard with Robin and Barb in the library.
  • Joe and me on stage before dress rehearsal.
  • Kosta and others in the library waiting happily.
  • Kosta and Allison waiting for Susan's make-up.
  • Little Shayna and Kelsey.
  • Ray and others in the make-up room.
  • Marilyn and me
  • Robin and I in "our" diner.
  • Howard, Austin and Allen looking down.
  • Howard, Ryan and Allen on stage.
  • Jody, Craig, Austin, Moe and Howard during warm-up.
  • John and I fuzzy...:)
  • Bob, I, Allen and Joel
  • Bob and Ray before warm-up
  • John, Jan, Patti, Ryan, Jill, and Koel during warm-up.
  • Some of the guests now:
  • Dianne and two of her friends.
  • Fran, Bill and two of their friends.
  • Robin and Barb

    Jen and Audrey

    Netiva, your humble  

    More pictures may be found here. Just make sure you pick those with the 2001 date...

    March 2000 at temple and at outings:

  • Al & Dolores
  • Fran and friend
  • Joel and Irve
  • Table 1 at bingo
  • The guys
  • The gals
  • Anita & Janice
  • Table 1 again
  • Table 2 winning most
  • Table 3
  • Table 4
  • Havurah
  • Havurah 2
  • Havurah 3
  • Pictures from the 3-day walk with Avon for breast cancer prevention, June 16-18, 2000 where a few of us walked. It was a tremendous experience.

    And now a few pictures from our It's all Relative, a family vaudeville, May 2000.

  • Girls
  • rehearsal
  • Dress rehearsal
  • makeup
  • More makeup
  • July 4th parade with our new rabbi Audrey Korotkin:

  • Our rabbi and some of us preparing the float...
  • Our rabbi, Audrey Korotkin.
  • Bonnie and ashley working on posters...
  • Making flowers for the parade
  • Our Jewish dog
  • The dog and me
  • Carolyn working on the sign
  • TJM sign for the car
  • Around the car
  • before the parade
  • At the end of the parade
  • Sitting on the car
  • After the parade
  • 6 girls in the car
  • 6 girls in the car
  • From my trip to Israel

    meeting some temple members

    July 2000

  • Mori Green with the restaurant owner where we ate.
  • The Greens with Irene in Israel
  • The Greens again.
  • Michael Green, his 13 year old, and me.
  • The Greens in the restaurant facing the beach at Tel-Aviv.
  • Eating with the Greens in the restaurant facing the beach at Tel-Aviv.

    Sami Atar was our education director until he returned to Israel with his wife Beth, his son Nadav and his father-in-law Steve in 1996. They were among the first 1000 residents of Modiim which now counts 30000 inhabitants.

  • Sam Atar, with son Nadav with Irene and Rosalind.
  • Sam and I
  • With Sam with Modiim in the background.
  • With Sam again.
  • With Sam in the new city of Modiim, on the old site of Modiim, where the Maccabees came from.
  • Community dinner in Modiim
  • With another artist Alessandra from Modiim.
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