CS-100 Introduction to Personal computing

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773/794-2739

Tentative Course Schedule
CS - 100 Monday Wednesday Friday
1 Jan. 6th - Introduction 1/8 Chapter 7.34 The Internet 1/10 Distance Learning
2 1/13 Windows 1/15 Chapter 1 1/17 Substance Abuse Prevention
3 1/20Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Holiday 1/22 Assignement 1 due--Scavenger Hunt. Word-Processing. Quiz 1 on Chap. 1. 1/24 Chap. 2
4 1/27 WP 1/29 Assignment 2due 1/31 Chap. 3
5 Feb. 3rd WP. 2/5 Quiz 2 on Chap. 2 & 3. 2/7 Chap. 4
6 2/10 Assignment 3 due. WP 2/12 Lincoln's Birthday Holiday 2/14 Quiz 3 on Chap. 4. Chap. 5
7 2/17 Spreadsheets 2/19 Quiz 4 on Chap. 5. 2/21 Ch. 6
8 2/24 Assignement 4 due. 2/26 QPro 2/28 Ch. 6
9 March 3rdAssignment 5 postponed till Wed. 3/5Quiz 5 on Chap. 6. 3/7Ch. 7
10 3/10 Data-base 3/12 Quiz 6 on ch.7 3/14 Iris day
11 3/17 S P R I N G 3/19R E C E S S 3/21 ~!~ :-)))(((-:
12 3/24MS ACCESS--Ron's day 3/26 Quiz 7 on Ch. 8 3/26 Special Issues
13 3/31 Quiz 8 on Special Issues--Maybe April 2nd BASIC 4/4BASIC
14 4/7 Assignment 6 due. 4/9 BASIC 4/9 BASIC
15 4/14 Assignement 7 due. 4/16 Student Presentations 4/16 Student Presentations

Grading philosophy

Your lowest assignment grade will be removed.

Assignments will count for 40% of your grade.

Quizzes will count for 50% of your grade.

Participation in class/listserv discussion will count for 10%.

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Using Computers; A Gateway to Information by Shelly, Cashman, Waggoner and Waggoner

boyd & fraser publishing cy.

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Assistants' list:

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. -Margaret Fuller, author (1810-1850)

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