Sports and activities done by Netiva Caftori


I am not an avid sports fan. I usually get involved in a sport activity if it has a social side benefit or a meditative edge. I almost sky dived recently, but ... it was too windy. It will happen soon.

For example:

Pictures from the 3-day walk:

  • Tent city
  • Day 0
  • First day
  • Registration
  • With Shiela in front of our tent
  • In July 2001 I walked in Holland for 4 days 30 k a day around the city of Nijmigen. In 2002 I walked 31 km around the city of Apeldorn in Holland in one very rainy day. I walked with Shiela, my friend, a 1/2 marathon in June 2002 in Chicago in exactly 3 hours and had to run only the last mile. This was a record for me/us.

  • Spinning

    I used to spin on a bike 2-3 times a week. Great sport
  • Misc:

    Check my involvement with the AIDS Vaccine ride from Amsterdam to Paris, 2002.

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