Pictures from CPSR DIAC conference
DIAC Conference in Seattle

May 19-23 2000

  • at Ruby's restaurant with Mark, Carl, Steve, Aki, Herb and Erik.
  • Bill, Howard, Gary and Coralee
  • Joseph
  • a panel I moderated with Audrey, Randy, Nicole, Kate and .
  • at the cafeteria Steve, Joelien, Mark, Herb, and...
  • and herb
  • Lots of food at the conference.
  • with Joelien and Michael at Campagne restaurant.
  • Joelien and Michael at Campagne restaurant.
  • With Adrian and Ian Beeson at the club...
  • Aki and Erik in their living room.
  • Breakfast with Aki, Steve and Erik
  • and we eat, Aki and I.
  • with Mark and Herb
  • A nice house on University street
  • Mark, Mark, Steve and Herb at the street fair
  • the band at the club
  • body paint at the club
  • Butts at the club
  • fashion ladies
  • and a collage of Carl, Susan and myself
  • University of Washington
  • and in front of its beautiful fountain
  • At the feet of Mount Si, Washington.
  • and surrounded by those magnificient trees
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