Netiva Caftori


This assignment is 2-fold:

  1. Use Word or Word pad to do one web exercise from the bottom of page 20 in your book: Illustrated history of computing or a comparative study of various computer brands
    (see example of #1 and example of #2 without copying them:)
    and (/ or):
  2. Scavenger Hunt surf the web

    With a partner or alone, surf the internet in search of the following:
    (Read to the bottom before starting)

  1. Good software for children.
  2. Your major or minor home page at NEIU or another university. If it does not exist, find a site of your interest (a possible minor or major).
  3. Besides our site, find one about substance abuse prevention, or AIDS related.
  4. An article on electronic voting.
  5. Privacy issues in computing/civil liberties (e.g., id theft).
    On a topic related to internet behavior such as:
  6. Community networking.
  7. Intellectual property
  8. Plagiarism .
  9. A place you would like to travel to.
  10. Gender issues in computing.
  11. Cookies.
  12. An interactive game or a discussion group.
  13. Digital divide or OLPC (one laptop per child) discussion.
  14. IT around the world.
  15. Filtering.
  16. Wireless communications.
  17. Spam
  18. Computer security issue.
  19. Cloud computing
  20. Another computing issue not mentioned above

For each:


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