Pictures from the Pugwash conference in San Diego, June-July, 1999

  • With Nassen, Irina, Mat, Krister, Tom and Hugo
  • With Tom, Ruchika, Amber, Rian, Motumisi, Kay and more
  • With Connie and Lidjia
  • With Glenn, Eric and Martin
  • With Tom, David and Liz
  • With Irina, Amrita, Andrea and Dayen
  • With Abdul, david, nassam, Irina, Sorin, Nidhi, Amrita and
  • With Ahmed, Nidhi, Motumisi, and Melissa
  • With Alfred and Denis from belaruss
  • With Steve W., Ahmed, Herb and the lady from poland
  • With Sorin and Joelien
  • With Irina, Abdul, Sorin and Amrita
  • With Ahmed, Motumisi,Lidija, Sorin, Alfred, Stuart and Rian
  • With Alfred, Nidhi, Sorin and Fathima at the San Diego zoo
  • Again at the SD zoo
  • With Fathima at the zoo.
  • With Martin at Stanford University, Oct. 3rd, 1999.

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