Poetry or attempts at by Netiva Caftori
A poem begins with a lump in the throat. -Robert Frost, poet (1874-1963)

Netiva's Poetry




When I'm not understood,

when I'm misread,

when I am judged,

I feel not loved,

I feel dejected,

I am sad.

Love seem forgotten for a moment,

but then, no, it's just dormant.

All it needs is a look, a smile, an ear, of my own.

I'm tired of being the scape-goat of my peers.

Why can't people deal with their own problems?

Why do my shoulders seem so large to carry a burden?

Or do I seem so weak I won't protest?

Don't I just get what I've asked for?

I get what I deserve.




Time flows like an endless river.

So fluid, so transparent, so odorless, so intangible.

We forget it is around.

Yet we give it power.

We let it control our lives.

It makes us grow old, undesirable at times.

And yet, we can overpower it.

We can stop it, like Moses did or Joshua or God.

In that moment of truth,

when spirit reigns,

when the real world is dormant or non-existant,

we can stop time.

That split second lasts an eternity.

We join our higher self, our God, our love,

and hold on.

~~--~~ Sleep Spell


I had the sweetest sleep

last night;

I didn't want to wake up.

There was a conflict within me:

My time versus this sleep spell.

I was attached by soft chains

to my pillows and fluffy blanket.

My many duties and the sun in

sky could not tear me away.

I even had a dream within

a dream, and wrote my first

poem within that, oh why

can't it equal this one?




I was born with love,

from love, to love.

I look around to give this love

to whom could share my mind.

So few were loved like I was loved,

and scars all over abound.

I want to heal the hearts that hurt,

and spill my potion 'round.

A broken heart is an open heart,

so please take me within you.

I'll kiss your wounds, caress your soul,

and make your spirit renewed.


Kissing You


Kissing you

transfers me beyond this world,

Carried on invisible wings,

Floating on pure clouds.

Kissing you

Makes me dream

about better worlds

warmer winds.

Our mouths glue

like a cork to a bottle,

unwilling and unable to detach.

Our arms embrace our bodies

like petals of the same flower.

I want to stay in this state

for ever,

one moment,

an eternity.


She's in the Shower


She's in the shower.

Sorry, can't come to the phone.

Water dripping from her nipples,

Water on her eye-lids.

Oh can I see her! Want her!

Her beautiful body sways

under the shower's flows.

She's singing;

I can hear her in my mind's ear.

Her wet hair clings to her sculpted back,

her perfect shoulders.

The water and my imagination caress her body

not leaving one untouched inch.




Longing is the key to adventure,

is the key to action

is the key to success.

When you tense all your being,

focus on that object of your desires,

you can just about touch it,

feel it,

smell it,

devour it.

With your arms outstretched

you can engulf it,

make it part of you,

breath it in and out,

live it.

If it belongs there, you will not reject it.

You will accept it

as if it were born with you,

for you, as ever.

Keep on holding it for dear life,

or let it flow out.

It will return like seasons do,

no use to fight against it.

When it's away

you will miss its warmth

and want it more,

longing all over again for it

with an added knowledge.




Sun, warmth, shoulders, chest

Your eyes piercing at me

Deep deep inside

Your embrace that I crave,

The kiss that unites us.

Forgetting the world,

Just you and me in the universe.

Sun, warmth, green fields, serenity.

Can I revive that moment in perpetuity?

My face buried in your chest close to your heart,

Your hand upon my hip, travelling,

My kiss on your neck,

Our stamps carved on each other's body.

Our souls united for one very long moment that will last forever.




You awaken in me

the little girl that went.

You awaken in me

dormant parts I forget.

Your piercing hawk eyes

Dive deep into me.

You light a flame that I cannot extinguish.

I feel helpless in your presence

Mesmerized by your charms.

I like your strength and

admire your obstinate nature.

I'm glad to have your friendship

Any shape or form that it takes.

un pohte c'est un homme qui regarde le monde avec ses yeux d'enfant--Alfonse Daudet

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