Personal Computer Security references.

Netiva Caftori

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Fall 2008

Welcome to PC security!

How to protect images on your website:
How can you protect your graphics and photos from being taken when you put them on the Web? These resources will help you learn about copyright and image protection. Explore tips for effective ways to protect your pictures from being stolen, links to specialized software and services that offer image protection, and discussions on this topic.

  • SFTP, Secure File Transfer Protocol.
  • Preventing images from download
  • Protecting Graphics On the Web
  • Free Java Applets to protect your copyrighted images on the web
  • How to copy protect images
  • Protection by encrypting your images
  • ASP script to create thumbnails indexes of images.
  • Hoaxes
  • Some topics covered by my students:

  • Computer virus, written by Joy (Wanju Huang).
  • Kris' presentation on copyright. Ayman's presentation on internet privacy. Ka-Ling's presentation on the evolution of internet voting. Steve's CGI explanation on the Unix system.
    Kathy's presentation on computer crime. Sang's presentation on computer virus. Steve's CAI presentation.

    Diane Feinstein's statement on stolen identity

    How to create a home page

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