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Netiva in Paris

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au Marais

May-June 2006 at Vincent's wedding.
Visited villages outside of Paris, saw some art in Paris itself, and enjoyed the wedding at the stables of le Gatinet, in the French country side.

Paris is a place for walking. All is at a foot's reach.

It is a special place for me as I have spent there my high-school years and beyond.
See musical Paris by night

walking down from Montmartre

March 2004 visit with Joel was neat. We stayed at the Louisiane Hotel in the 6eme, and as usual ate at Je The Me and at A la recherche du Temps Perdu.

Other pictures include my visit in Paris, France, Oct. 12-14, 2001, and my short visit there after our AIDS vaccine ride from Amsterdam, July 7, 2002.

Pictures taken in France by our friends Francois and Minou are at:

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  • Pentecote au Moulin de Crotteaux, Suevre
  • Mariage de Claire et Florent, 12 juin 2004
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  • Janie et Dominique Ciabrini14 mai 2004
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