Papers by Netiva Caftori

Papers by Netiva Caftori

What a heavy oar the pen is, and what a strong current ideas are to row in! -Gustave Flaubert, novelist (1821-1880)

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  • Presentations at conferences in 1995-1996

    1. Ninth Annual Women's Studies Conference--Western Kentucky University

      October 12, 1995, Bowling Green. Presented a paper on "Gender Differences in Software."

    2. Information Systems Educational Conference (ISECON '95).

      November 3-5, 1995. Presented a workshop with Anton Van Reeken on Problem-Based Learning.

    3. Tenth Annual Midwest Computer Conference--Loyola University

      March 8, 1996, Chicago. Presented a workshop with Anton VanReeken from Limburg University in Maastricht, Netherlands, on Problem-Based Learning.

      The abstract is still online in the Midwest Computer Conference Proceedings

    4. First Annual Ethics and Technology Conference--Loyola University

      March 9, 1996, Chicago. Presented a paper on "Examination of Computer Software in Relation to Gender Differentiation."

      Paper was published in the Ethics '96 Proceedings. (no longer online at this location.)

    5. Annual Meeting of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE 96).

      March 12-16, 1996, Phoenix, Arizona. Presented a paper on "Educational Software: Are We Approaching It the Right Way?" with Marcin Paprzycki from the University of Texas at the Permian Basin (now at the University of Southern Mississippi).

      Paper may be found in the Proceedings of SITE '96

      See a commentary about our common paper by Michael L. Connell et al.

    6. Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges--South Central Conference

      April,19-20, 1996, Wichita Falls, Texas. A workshop on "Problem-Based Learning."

      In 1996-97:

    7. ISECON '96 in St Louis, Il. in Oct. '96 where I presented a panel with two colleagues: Joyce Currie Little and Ronald Kizior from Loyola University on the subject of Ethical Issues in the Software Development workplace.

    8. Computer Ethics Seminar at Argonne Lab, Il. on Oct. 22nd, 1996, on the subject of Professional Ethics as part of Fall 1996 ACCA (Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area) Computer Science Seminar Series.

    9. At DIAC (Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing) Conference in Seattle, Wa. in March 1997 presented a workshop with Marsha Woodburry from UIUC on Distace Education, pros and cons.

    10. Another paper at the SITE '97 conference in Orlando was presented in April, 1997, by my coauthor Marcin Paprzycki on the topic of The Design, Evaluation and Usage of Educational Software.

    11. Represented CPSR in DeMoins, Iowa, where I testified at the SSA Hearings, May 1997.

    12. At the 2nd annual Ethics and Technology Conference at Loyola University in Chicago, on June 7th, 1997, moderated and presented a panel on Ultimate Responsibility: Ethics Questions About Computers in Our Schools, with Flo Appel, Marsha Woodburry, Elizabeth Buchanan, and Art Stawinsky.

      As for 1997-98:

    13. The same above panel was presented by me and Flo Appel at the Small Colleges Consortium for Computing Mid-West Conference in Sept. '97 in Illinois.

    14. At the same above conference moderated and presented in another panel titled "Distance Education, Web-Based Courses, and Smart Classroom Teaching with Marcin paprzcky from Mississippi State university, Marion from the Open University of the UK and .

    15. On Oct 31st-Nov 5th I participated in the WebNet '97 conference in Toronto, Canada where I talked about "Distance Education - Courseware development". See the Proceedings

    16. On Nov. 4th I was invited to participate in a panel on International issues of the Internnet at Argonne National lab.
    17. In March 1998 participated in a panel during University day at NEIU on "Volunteering in Cyberspace"
    18. Also in March 1998 gave a talk on "Women in Computing - Is there discrimination?" as part of Women History month at NEIU.
    19. On April 16 1998 gave a talk at Loyola university on Internet Governance in front of the Chicago chapter of CPSR (Computer Professionals for social responsibility) as part of CPSR One Planet, One Net campaign.
    20. On June 12-13 presented in a panel at ISTAS '98 in South Bend Indiana University on Ethics on the Internet with Marsha Woodburry and Massimo.

    Presentations in 1998-1999

  • In Sept '98, presented with Alfred Bork in Memphis at the EEI21 Conference (Ethics in Electronic Information in the 21st Century) on the topic of: Computers and Major Ethical Problems of Society . See the paper itself. It is published by Simulation journal, Volume 73, Nov. 1999, Page 318.
  • In Oct. presented in San_Antonio, Texas, at ISECON '98 on Web-based courses.
  • In Oct. again chaired the membership and chapters portion of the annual meeting of CPSR at MIT in Boston.
  • Also in Oct. presented in Champaign Illinois at UIUC with Marsha Woodburry and Josh Michaels on the Future of the Internet panel as part of ACM Reflections/Projections Conference.
  • Presented at Northeastern Illinois University on "Can Software Prevent Violence?" as part of the Anti-Violence Month.
  • Presented at Northeastern Illinois University Equity in Action/Affirmative Action Issues program on "Futures of Women and Minorities in Technology: Equity and opportunities" on a panel with Iris Revels.
  • Paper accepted to WebNet '98 in Orlando, Nov. 1998 and published in CSS (computers in the Social Sciences) Journal in Jan/Feb 1999/
  • Chairing a panel and presenting with Greg Singleton, and Janaki Santhiveeran at University Day at NEIU on Community Networks, March 4th, 1999.

    One good resource on this topic is by Doug Schuler.

  • In March again presenting on Women and Computing as part of Women History Month.
  • In June I was invited to the International Pugwash Conference on Science and Social Responsibility in the New Millennium in San Diego for which I wrote the paper "Ethical Implications of Technology on Education". In that conference I served as a resource person to the communications technologies working group.
  • Presentations in 1999-2000

  • On Oct. 8th '99 was the keynote speaker in Memphis at the EEI21 Conference (Ethics in Electronic Information in the 21st Century) on the topic of: Ethical Implications of Technology
  • On Oct. 16th, '99 gave a talk in Chicago at ISECON '99 on the topic of "Teaching of Operating Systems using Role Play and Textbook Writing"
  • As part of Non-Violence month on campus, gave a talk on Software for Non-Violence, Oct. 27, NEIU.
  • On Nov. 2nd, participated and chaired a panel on "Capitalism, Computers & Social Revolution in the Third Millennium" at the Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago.
  • On Nov. 17th, gave a presentation to CODE on their 25th anniversary celebration, entitled "Should Computer Professionals be Socially responsible?"
  • In March, on International Women Day, presented at NEIU as Golda Meir.
  • In April, for the Take your daughter to work day, led a workshop with Lisa on Surf like a Girl at NEIU.
  • In April 2000, talked about Computers and society at the 611 School District in-sevice program in Round Lake Illinois.
  • May 2000, at the DIAC conference in Seattle, given a workshop with Teicher & Teicher on Privacy and Security.
  • Presentations in 2000-2001

  • Oct. 2000, Memphis, Tennessee, Moderated and presented on a Privacy panel.
  • Oct. 2000, Philadelphia, annual meeting of CPSR. Newsletter with my paper in it under Email is not Private
  • Presentations in 2001-2002

  • Oct 19, 2001, EEI21 conference at University of Memphis Ethical Reflections, in Ethics and electronic information: a Festschrift for Stephen Almagno , edited by B. Rockenbach, T. Mendina. S. Almagno, published by McFarland, 2002.
  • Oct. 20th, CPSR annual conference in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, present the student essay contest winner.
  • Nov. 1st, Star Wars Alive, NEIU.
  • June 19, 2002, Cork, Ireland, IS 2002 conference, paper on Information Privacy Issues in the Information Age. The paper will be published by the Journal of Information Technology Education.
  • Presentations in 2002-2003

  • Digital Forensics for the New Age, to be delivered at InSite03, June 2003, Helsinki.
  • Privacy after 9-11, delivered at EEI21, Oct 2002, published by McFarland Press, 2004.
  • Presentations in 2003-2004

  • Les Femmes et l'informatique, Colloque de l'IMSP, Jan. 2003, Porto-Novo, Benin.
  • Privacy after 9/11, AITEC, June 2nd, 2004, Accra, Ghana.
  • L'ethique de l'informatique, June 16, 2004, Cotonou, Benin.
  • Presentations in 2004-2005

  • Sept. 9, 2004: Women of Benin
  • Oct. 2004: Women in Computing, Memphis
  • Oct 1, 2004: Women in Computing, CFU, Florida
  • Presentations in 2005-2006

  • Teaching Culture through Puppetry and Culture, 4th Forum, Rome, Dec. 2005. The paper itself.
  • Women in Computing
  • Bridging the Digital Divide, NEIU, 2005.
  • Teaching Math and computer scinece as a Fulbright scholar in Benin, Chicago ACM, April 5th, 2006.
  • Benin, birthplace of slavery, NEIU.
  • July 2006: back from Africa, Beit Tsiyoney America, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Presentations in 2006-2007

    Presentations and publications in 2007-2008

    Presentations and publications in 2008-2009

    Papers in journals:

  • Privacy after 9-11, published by McFarland Press, 2004.
  • Ethical Reflections, published by McFarland, 2002.
  • Information Privacy Issues in the Information Age. Journal of Information Technology Education, 2002.
  • Computers and Major Ethical Problems in Our Society, in CPSR Spring 2000 newsletter dedicated to Ethics.
  • In Parkland College E-magazine, an article entitled: Ethical Implications Of Technology, April 1998.
  • In CSS (Computers in the social studies) Journal, Jan/Feb. 1999 on the Seven Principles of Internet Governance.
  • In an electronic journal CSS (Computers in the Social Sciences) an article with Marcin Paprzycki on "The Design, Evaluation and Usage of Educational Software", May-June, 1997.

    This paper first appeared in J.D. Price, K. Rosa, S. McNeil and J. Willis (Eds.), Technology and Teacher Education Annual, 1997 (CD-ROM edition), Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, Charlottesville, VA. It is reprinted with permission of AACE (Association of Computer Educators).

  • "Email Not Private", with coauthors Mark and Steve Teicher, in CPSR Newsletter, Fall 2000, Vol.18, No 4. paper
  • Also "Email not Private" in International Information and Library Review, December 2000.
  • "Teaching Operating Systems Through Role Play and Textbook Authoring" in the Proceedings of ISECON '99, 1999.
  • "The Ethical Implications of Technology on Education" for the Pugwash Conference in San Diego, 1999.
  • "Ethical Implications of Technology" in magazine by Burckitt Marketing Co., Champaign, Illinois, April 1999.
  • "One Planet, One Net: Principles for the Internet Era" in CSS Journal (Computers in the Social Studies), Vol. 7, Number 1, Jan./Feb., 1999, ISSN 1090?8595, with N. Borenstein, H. Hochheiser, and A. Oram. Also in the Proceedings of WebNet 1998, inte rnationally distributed by AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education).
  • "Computers and Major Ethical Problems in Our Society" with co-author Alfred Bork from UC Irvine, in Simulation in "Simulation in the Service of Society" section, 1998-1999. Also mentioned in SCS and in 98EEI and in the CPSR newsletter dedicated to Ethics.
  • "Educational Software Literacy" with a co-author M. Paprzycki published in the Technology and Teacher Education Annual?1997 by AACE and distributed by Allyn and Bacon.
  • "Distance Learning ? Courseware Development" in the Proceedings of WebNet '97, 1997.
  • "Give Up Your Pedestal, but Don't Give Up Your Lesson Plans: Technology will make you work as hard without all the glamour of the profession" in CPSR newsletter dedicated to Education and Technology, Winter1997, Vol. 15, No. 1.
  • "Examination of Computer Software in Relation to Gender Differentiation" in ...
  • "Educational Software: Are We Approaching It the Right Way?" in the Proceedings of SITE, 1996, with M. Paprzycki.
  • "Examination of Computer Software in Relation to Gender Differentiation", in Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, Vol. 1, Number 3, 1994. (Refereed).
  • "Educational Effectiveness of Computer Software" in THE journal, August, 1994.
  • "Tenure Clock", "Women's Educational Equity Act", and "Male and Female: A Study of the Sexes in a Changing World by Margaret Mead", Salem Press Ready References: Women's Issues, 1995.
  • Mentions in other people's papers/dissertations:

  • The Women Quarterly
  • Some Thoughts on a Digital Library for Grades K-8
  • Biblosoft
  • PGP
  • Teaching Teachers about Technology newsletter refers to my paper with Marcin Paprzycki.
  • refers to the One Planet, One net article in the CSS journal.
  • In refers to my article in THE journal (Aug. 94)
  • also refers to the same above article.
  • In a PhD dissertation by James Gow, 1996.
  • In a paper in An Electronic Journal for the 21st Century by Susan Barnes, 1996.
  • Some Thoughts on a Digital Library for Grades K-8, an article by Lorrie LeJeune
  • Paper on Courseware Evaluation Models by Dr. Ed Kazlauskas, 1996.
  • A course calendar in Portuguese on "DISCIPLINA: INTRODUÇÃO À MÍDIA E CONHECIMENTO by Professores: Ricardo Miranda Barcia e Dulce Márcia Cruz.
  • The Design, Evaluation, and Usage of Educational Software, my paper mentioned by Barry Jackman in his course on Distance Education Educational Software
  • Concepts and Procedures edited by Ronald Sarner, SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome et al.
  • Honors

  • ACM SigcseDoctoral consortium reviewer, discussant, and doctoral mentor.
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