This is a hybrid class.

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. -Chinese Proverb

Enjoy my class    Hybrid option  

Watch a session on YouTube on learning today

                Other PBS movies

Your teacher who wants you to succeed

Check how Abott and Costello
handle computing:)

See our Lab Hours and the Computer Science dept.Learn how to create your own home page to Home Page

Try Digsby:)

The tribute to learning is teaching. - Wise saying from the orient.
A hybrid course, i. e., partly online.
If you are interested in the hybrid option, be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. This is not for everyone.

Every semester there may be a different concentration for the content of the work done.

In general students will learn from each other and through their own efforts. No spoon feeding:(

A programmer or killer quiz.

For a grade change BlackBoard too.

YouTube may be another way to share information among us, like the future of computers.


See Ted speech and 2nd part of it.

Please suggest other ways.

Hybrid course

Students opting for the hybrid option will have to do just as much as students in the regular class, only they will meet face to face less times.

Since 10% of the grade depends on participation in class discussions, the hybrid discussions will take place on Blackboard's groups and discussion board.
Each student will have to start one thread a week and respond to 2 threads started by other students.

Another 10% of the grade is for a group research and PowerPoint presentation.
The group work can be done on Blackboard, by email, phone (as in virtual meetings below), or physical meetings. It is up to you.

We will start the class by meeting physically every Tues. at 4:15 in FA108 and by introducing ourselves on Blackboard so we get to know each other a bit better.

Another way of learning about each other is through our web site.
This is ordinarily done in assignment 4 but you can start it right away on your own and give the link on Blackboard so we can all find you:)
I could display all your links right here to facilitate the connection. I hope you will enjoy the interaction.

Should have more women working
 with computers
  • Less travelling to school
  • Work can be scheduled as convenient within limits
  • May go at your own pace
  • More time possibly with instructor online
  • No one can tell if you are shy, well dressed, etc.
  • Can participate in the course from any location in the world
  • Blogging


  • Less time with peers (not so good for the sociable ones)
  • Need to have self discipline and work independently
  • Instructor or peers cannot hold your hand as easily
  • Harder to work in teams
Hard to play alone

To go to where you were...

Virtual meeting

You may use IM, Conference calls, Blackboards, etc.
check in when you start the call and mention your name every time you speak.
Start with ice breaking questions.
Communication is the most important thing.
We are born to work in teams. Building trust through communication.
Shortcuts to building trust: introduce someone else, not yourself.
During a conference call take immediate notes. Go over them within the call.
Create heat: use precious time by having Disagreement and acting on them. Generate heat...
At the end, Ask: How did the meeting go?
Email is not recommended

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Job opportunities for graduating students

CPSR is an international organization. See or send me Join us to if you'd like to join. Hope you do the most you can in this class

The NY Times on the web.

Last updated 2/20/10