Netiva in Milton, DE
as seen from my glider flight

Netiva in Milton

and other parts of Delaware

December, 2002

Bruce's pond
Kate and Joel cooking our new year's eve dinner Bruce and chartreux
Joel and Chartreux Diamond Pond, view from the house Next to Diamond Pond
Licking away

Here are a few pictures that I like:

  • Flying over Delaware
  • Bruce, Kate and me
  • Chincoteague
  • Bruce and I in the air
  • Lynn and Alex
  • Ocean City from the air.
  • Jasmine, the cutie, and her hunting a mouse.
  • Looking for the ponies
  • Bruce in his cockpit
  • Dinner at Ellen's
  • Ellen and co
  • The glider on the ground
  • The trio hard at work
  • Islands
  • Coast line
  • Up side down
  • The dock in the pond
  • Sunset in Milton

    Delaware online with Milton as main feature...

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