Instructions for the usage of Microfocus for my JCL class

A few rules about MicroFocus JCL -- CS 318

taught by Netiva caftori


So far MF is in CLS 2108 and in S242. Also in the Atrium in the CLS on 2 machines (not as friendly) AT43, & AT44.

  • Press START and then PROGRAMS
  • Click on MF 32bit ProxMVS, then ProxMVS. A menu screen (TSO SPF/ISPF) appears.
  • To proceed:

  • From the command line you may type 3.4 to read the catalog directly or just type 3 and select from the menu (L to list, B to browse, etc.)
  • use TAB to go down the menu to TEST.JCL.CNTL, place S in front to Select it, & hit Enter.
  • Tab to go down the list of JCL files to say, Sample1. Place an x in front to copy it, & hit Return.
  • Give it a new name when you save it, say MINE. ESCape to the beginning and proceed as before.
  • Tab to go down the list of JCL files to MINE. Place an E in front to Edit it, & hit Return.
  • Use menu at the bottom & edit the JCL. Use Alt to see another menu
  • Alt F4 to save (may indicate a different path like to drive a:/)
  • Alt F7 to print your input statement (together with the card input)
  • Use ESCape to go back to the previous menu
  • Type Z to scan for JCL errors, or:
  • Type J in front of the file or at the command line to RUN your job
  • If no errors type =5 to sysout after you escape again to the previous menu
  • Choose B to display your output
  • Place P to Print in front of your JOB once you have located it.
  • esc several times to exit the program

    Other commands:

  • ALT-Return to minimize and maximize your window
  • X to copy
  • B to Browse
  • From the command line at the bottom of the Edit screen type ? to get help
  • LPT1 name of printer
  • If you'd like to save to drive A, type 0 on the 1st menu as you enter MF and create a new catalog on the A drive.
  • [To move a mountain, start with] [one pebble at a time]

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    Last updated 9/13/99