Netiva's pictures and journal

Netiva's pictures and journal

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Jan. 2012: Greece with my mom and brother. See our hotel in Saloniki, and the visit in Athenes with David.
Nov. - Dec. 2011: Paris, Provence: Montpellier chez Anne, Avignon avec Minou, Anne et Jean Marie, Carpentras, Mormoiron, St Didier, Prennes a voir de jolies maisons, Cabrieres chez Joelle.

Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012, Israel.

June, 2011: A short visit to Paris and les chateaux de la Loire.
May-June, 2011: I'm back in Benin, W. Africa. See my house, la route de peche along the shore, and the road to Cotonou from Potosome.

March-April, 2011, I've visited NY twice to see my daughter, and be at Tsoni's wedding.
Dec. 2010: Universal studios, Vero Beach, Florida; Cruise to Western Caribbeans. Or better Florida, Cayman Island, and Cartagena, Columbia. Belise and Panama
Benin, W. Africa, here I come again.
Oct. 2010: Short visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I visited the art museum and the zoo and safari.
May-June, 2010: Our homes in Tel Aviv and Chicago on July-Aug. 2010: NY, Paris and Israel.
Dec 2009-Jan. 2010: Carabbean cruise and visit to Israel

in Venice
May 2009: Cinque Terre to Milan, to Israel where I spent a few days in the Negev desert besides fixing my appartment in Tel-Aviv.
June-July, 2009: Paris, Bretage, back to Chicago.

April 2009: Mediterranean cruise from Venice to Dubrovnic, to Kusadasi, to Santorini, to Corfu, back to Venice.

Aug. 7th-22nd, 2008: Baltic Sea cruise from Amsterdam, through Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Peterhoff and St-Petersburg (2 days in Russia), Talinn (Estonia) and Kopenhagen (Denmark.)
May-June, 2008, trip to Israel and Paris. June-July, 2008, trips to NY. June: Party at our house for Dr. Ashley
See also a short trip to Wisconsin with our French friends Francois and Minou.
End of January I visited Costa Rica again and travelled to Manuel-Antonio park and Tortuguero in April..

Dec. 2007: Visit Ashley in NY city
Village graffiti
     Nov. 2007: Visit Paris and Nancy
View from Pompidou museum
Oct. 2007 - A long weekend in Jamaica
Negril street

Villefranche, France

June-July 2007: We flew to Barcelona where we stayed a whole day before starting our Mediterranean cruise going through Nice, Villefranche and Monaco to Italy where we visited Rome 3 different times, saw Florence twice, stayed in Venice 3 days with our daughter, ate lunch in Sorrento, saw old Pompei again after having just visited it a year and a half ago (see below) and ended the trip with 2 days in Milan.

June 2007: NSF grant workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. here I come Minnesota.
March 2007: TASS Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida at Atlantic University with Dorothy Feb. 2007: ~ Conference in Pretoria, South Africa and 3 days in Cape town. HS singing and dancing group

Dec. 2006: Visit Israel where we saw our girls and other family and a few friends.

Nov. 2006: Visited Costa-Rica for 3 days. It was awesome:)

Summer 2006-- In Aug.: Climbed the 1300 m climb up in one day out of 4 days Inka trail in Peru toward Machu-Picchu with Ilana Machu-Picchu is behind us . This was a true adventure.
In May-June-July '06: Wedding in Paris, and 2 months in Israel to see celebrating 2 anniversaries family, friends, visit places like Ein-Hod, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv harbor, notorious for its white soft sand Tel-Aviv beach, rock and tropical gardens, Nir-Am, Rehovot, and go painting in Yad-Hashmona with Caftori's group of artistsa dedicated group .

Back in Chicago my home , Jan. 2006-now.           Dec. 2005: Paris art on the Seine river was cold and snowy, but as always friendly and exciting with our friends.

Nov.-Dec. 2005: Rome and Pompei . See my presentation at the World Forum Conference

Aug. 2005 - another Hawaii visit this summer, and just hanging around Chicago with its wonderful Fall

June-July 2005, Visit to Korea via Honolulu. Then a Chinese princess China in July.

Visit to Israel , May, 2005, and NY collage.

Young Ginger
Ginger as we remember her


daughtersMy daughters
and my pets

My father's art

My temple and its book club

Family a nd more trails.

My attempts at singing

My students

My CPSR colleagues

Friends and some girlfriends



African exhibit at the Brooklyn museum of art

Moma in NY

Rome, 2007

Florence, 2007

Venice, 2007

Milan, 2007


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Jan. 2005: A with Moecruise on the Radisson Diamond to St Bart, St Martin and St Thomas.

Dec. 2004: A family vacation to the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, etc. in Israel.
Oct. 2004: A weekend in
Florida and 2 days in Memphis

End of Aug., 2004: A weekend in on the levee in Galena Galena, Illinois. ~ . Aug. 2004, Professors walking in the Jewish quarter of jerusalem Mission to Israel by the JUF.

July 2004. Am back in Chicago for good. A short trip to Rochester, NY for a workshop.

Aug. 2003-July 2004: Am in Benin, Africa now for a year. Stopped in London on the way and in Paris.
Visited Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo while in West Africa.

July-Aug. 2003:     My trip to Israel     Farewell parties for me, other Chicago doings, plus a trip to Kauai.

June 2003:     Got At the breast-cancer walkmy black belt, crewed the Avon Breast Cancer walk, and spent a week in Washington D.C.

March 2003:

Baton Rouge, Louisianna

Scotland and

Montpellier, France in a cafe

January 2003:

You can almost always find
me in the surroundings of Chicago

forest near Chicago,

especially at my visit
at Charlie Trotter's restaurant.

In the kitchen
December 2002:

sunrise at vero

Vero Beach

Williamsburg, Virginia. Diamond pond

Milton, DE

November 2002:


Scotland Israel
The life in Memphis EEI21 symposium in Memphis, Oct 24-27, 2002 Ben, Kelly, Ken, Kasia, 
Doris, Terri, counterclockwise from me On Aug. 1-4, 2002, in Colorado, on the Avon 3-day breast cancer walk.
On July 12-30, 2002, in Israel On a canal in Amsterdam On June 27-July 12, 2002, in the Netherlands
On June 18-26 2002, in Ireland It's July 4th! European AIDS vaccine ride between Amsterdam and Paris, June 30th-July 6th, 2002.
On June 7-9 2002, in Raleigh, NC. In May 2002 took 2 Chautauqua courses in Dayton, Ohio
During Spring break 2002: from the East Coast and from Brazil and
a visit to the naked sculpture art museum in Sao-Paulo, and Iguassu Falls in Argentina.
and the children of Kibbutz Beit-Hashita, Israel, December 2001. and my family in Delaware during Thanksgiving, 2001.

  • CPSR 20th anniversary conference in Ann Arbor Mich, Oct 19-21, 2001.
  • From my weekend in Paris is another home for meParis, Oct. 12-14, 2001.
  • From a short weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, Sept. 1st, 2001
  • From my 4-day walk in Holland Nijmegen, July 2001.
  • From on the Charles BridgePrague, Tcheck Republic, July, 2001.
  • from Palo Alto and from Sonoma, California, June 2001.
  • from Israel and Vienna, May 2001
  • from Florida and cruise to Kozumel and Key-West,
  • also from a short stay in Savannah, Dec. 2000.
  • Robert Indiana's Love from Penn U, Philly, Oct. 2000
  • from Memphis, Tennessee, Oct. 2000
  • from Canada, July, 2000.
  • In the prairie at the Botanic garden, Chicago, summer, 2000.
  • from Israel, March and July 2000
  • from Ireland, March 2000
  • In my kitchen, Dec. '99.
  • Pictures at an exhibition of my father in Tel-Aviv, July 2000.

    What has 8,000 feet and walks three miles an hour? Give up? THE AVON BREAST CANCER 3 DAY!

  • Some family pictures, May 2000...
  • My visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 5th, 2000.
  • Some Chautauqua course pictures, May 2000...
  • Pictures from my visit to Seattle DIAC conference , May 2000.
  • in my office, 1997
  • in the computer science office, 1996
  • in the smart classroom, 1997
  • in the very smart classroom CLS2054, and
  • even in my own kitchen, 1998
  • On my cruise to the Bahamas, Dec. '96.
  • With my loved one in 97, and while dancing.
  • Preparing to scuba dive, '96.
  • With Lavinia in Palo Alto CPSR meeting, Feb. '98.
  • My recent art exhibit at the Bean Counter Cafe in Evanston, with some of my friends.
  • With Vincent, our Parisian friend in front of the Art Institute, Nov. '98
  • in the smart classroom again, Dec. 1998
  • in my fixed-up office, Dec. 1998
  • With Delly and Irene in Vero Beach, Dec. '98.
  • On the sand in Vero Beach, right in front of my time-share, Dec. '98.
  • With Jake in Vero Beach, Dec. '98.
  • On Steve's and Delly's yacht in Vero Beach, Dec. '98.
  • San-Francisco, here I come!
  • Just visited Woodstock, England, March 1999, and Istanbul in Turkey in May, 99.
  • Saw my friends Yoav and Yizhar in Israel May, 1999,
  • relaxed with Ashley near our pond, June, 99.
  • and San Diego this June-July 99 for the Pugwash conference.
  • In NY oulala...7/99
  • In my office, Spring '99
  • On the hills behind Stanford university, 10-2-99.
  • In Ireland with Irene, Inga and Daiana, Nov. 26th, '99.
  • With Care Hannukah, 1999.
  • With Ash Hannukah, 1999.
  • With Nir Hannukah, 1999.
  • With Fivel Dec., 1999.
  • Not so recent pictures of me:

  • My army days
  • Paris 92, Rio 94, Chicago 76
  • With my girls in Arizona, 1993.
  • Here I'm only 19, plus a closer look
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