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My father David Caftori David caftori,
the 1999 recepient of
the artist of the year
award in Israel, art page.
.~.~. Slide show of a couple of my paintings. .~.~. Your political compass .~.~. Optical illusion .~.~. Your age is?

If you care about the impact of computers on our society, consider joining one of my favorite organizations:

  • (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility) (only $20 for students.)

    Check the upcoming events at the Chicago chapter of CPSR... and see a presentation about CPSR.

    See our 7 principles for internet Governance in French or in Spanish.

    Marsha's presentation about Ethics after 9/11

    Sept 11, not a new war by Chris Gray

    Paradigms by Einar Stefferud.

    Check also

  • my art if you haven't already

    PageOut by me, another site of mine.

    Examine the

  • Global Information Systems Education page.

    More about Netiva Caftori's life a couple pictures.

    [new] Read a few words on the Women Studies Program at NEIU.

  • Check out the Honors Program at Northeastern.

    [new] Some information on jobs for graduating students and other .

    See some flowers, hear the Enron voice mail,     Check the weather,     and read my manuscript on When I whisper in Your Ear.

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