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"Every path, every street in the world is your walking meditation path."
Thich Nhat Hahn
Hatikvah live. ~ Our capital Jerusalem.
Great info and pictures

Tel-Aviv is 100 years old this 2009:

Successful Israel
In view of the war in Gaza an open letter to the world
Maps and presentations about Israel. Sing Sim shalom

see Beit-Hashita trip
Recent pictures of Israel and more in an album.

House Hunters International on HGTV and our appartment in Tel-Aviv.

In 2006 (also in December 06) visited Israel, saw art at Ein-Hod and at Jaffa, strolled on the white beaches, ate at the delicious restaurants of Tel-Aviv harbor, visited family and the old city of Jerusalem, mourned in Kibbutz Nir-Am near the Gaza strip, celebrated a brith in Rehovot, discovered the amazing rock and tropical gardens near Hayarkon river, saw landscapes, and painted in Yad hashmona with Caftori's group of artists .
A few more visits included

  • rock garden
  • Caftori's studio and Tel-Aviv museum,
  • Tel-Aviv,
  • Tel-Aviv, 3rd top city in the world.
  • family,
  • Jerusalem
  • Kibbutz Gesher Haziv,
  • Tseeleim,
  • savta,
  • friends
  • Mishkenot Daniel in Jaffa,
  • Gila
  • Moadon Manderstam where my mom volunteers her time,
  • Zichron Yaakov with Yael and sara.
  • tropical garden
  • Etslenu bachatser, in our yard, a song by diverse kids.

    Visit of May, 2005

    Vacation in Jerusalem, TA, Dead Sea and Eilat, Dec. 2004.
    Professors mission to Israel, Aug. 2004.

    July in Israel is awesome, July 2003

        Ein Karem ... A stroll in Tel-Aviv harbor at sunset
    Israelis and others in 2001, and Caftori's exhibit and more, 2000.

  • With Gladys and Israel
  • same
  • Flower
  • With Dalit, Edna and Abe
  • With Maya and Gladys
  • Window
  • Rachel
  • Israel Ziv
  • Ladies of Ein Karem
  • Kids of Ein Karem
  • Ziv
  • Irit, Dorit, Ariela
  • Eating in Ein Karem
  • Sabras
  • Flower
  • Hag shavuot greeting.
  • Shoffar idol, Shana tova.
  • Kosher food
  • Your house in Israel in a picture.
  • Jewish music
  • Arab land?
  • Carmiel festival of dance

    With my niece Shiry

    What really happened

    Carolyn is joining the Israeli army.
    Carolyn's last day as a civilian

    More pictures from Eilat and more

    October 2002

    Shiry's class trip

    Noam is 12
    Adi is 15. See other photos of beach and restaurant celebrations.

    July 2002

    I didn't take too many pictures unfortunately this summer in Israel: The few I have are:
    At Michal's house, my mom's, Gershon Renert's house, and in my father's studio
    Here I am with Rachel, the artist, taken at Beit Oren.

    Some maps and presentations related to Israel and the region

    I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the following:
  • Hagashashim clips.
  • Holocaust information.
  • Save the Gilboa Irus
  • The interactive Mona Lisa in Hebrew and other languages.
  • History of Israel and Palestine in easy-to-understand maps...... ......
  • History in a nutshell in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Distances within Israel. And historical maps.
  • When Palestinians say End of occupation, what do they mean?
  • Spielberg film archive, a wonderful site.
  • Israel rail, a historic background in Hebrew.
  • By the way, to find a phone number in Israel or if you have a phone number in Israel and wish to know who is the owner, follow that link.
  • Free 400 Million Arabs from opression.
  • Give one minute a day for Israel
  • UN Resolution 242 and the Jewish virtual library.
  • " Population of Israel is 5.8 million people
    Three million people have immigrated to Israel since 1948
    One million immigrants arrived since 1990.
    In the past year, 31,000 people made aliyah.
    In the past year, 140,000 babies were born.
    The population of Jerusalem has grown by 1.7 % in the past year to 680,000.
    In 1948, 36% of the country's population lived in the Tel Aviv area; today the figure is 18%.
  • The essence of Life in Hebrew, for peace.
  • Don't need a brain to understand this.
  • Lebanon wars
  • Israel democracy article by Bruce Schimel.
  • Funny passover
  • Passover seder in 60 seconds:)
  • Pessah card
  • Another passover movie
  • Hebrew keyboard and more...
  • December 2001

    trip by bh kids

  • Beit Hashita trip to Beit Guvrin and Ein Gedi.
  • Bahaii gardens in Haifa.
  • With Hoda mahmoudi at the Bahaii World Center in Haiifa.
  • My cousin Nissim's turkeys
  • Irene, Michal and her kids. Michal is Nissim's daughter in Ram-On.
  • Irene in Aba's chair.

    More pictures were taken at the studio.

  • May 2001

  • Ashley on the beach.
  • Beach again.
  • In front of the hospital.
  • With Ash.
  • With my mom.
  • Plane.
  • Me on the plane.
  • Ashley happily flying the plane.
  • Ashley and the plane.
  • Yizhar and Ashley flying the plane.
  • Yizhar flying the plane.
  • Ashdod from the air.
  • Ashdod from the air again.
  • Jaffa from the air.
  • Jaffa from the South.
  • Jaffa from the air from afar.
  • Bat-Yam.
  • Some beach.
  • Beaches.
  • Beaches of Tel-Aviv.
  • Beaches from the air.
  • Beautyful town.
  • Coast.
  • Fields.
  • Industry too.
  • Over Herzelia.
  • Some marina.
  • Flying.
  • Hayarkon river, the biggest river in Israel.
  • The infamous Reading chimney.
  • March 2000

    See below for July 2000

              Nir's family

  • with Ariela and my mother
  • with Ariela again at her kitchen.
  • Irene in Alenby near the sea.
  • Adi
  • Noam
  • Noam again in Cesaree.
  • Shiry
  • In an Indian restaurant
  • In my father's studio
  • near the beach
  • Cafe on the beach
  • thru a hole in Jafa
  • with Gila & Yossi
  • Carmel market
  • Cesaria. Is the sky falling?
  • 7 in Cesaria
  • Cesaria. Just columns.
  • me in Cesaria
  • Irene & I in Cesaria
  • Cesaria again. All the kids.
  • asking for directions in Jafa
  • street map in Jafa
  • views in beautiful Jafa with Irene and my mom.
  • streets in Jafa. Lift your head high.
  • streets in Jafa, a bit commercial.
  • Mom & daughter at the Purin party.
  • Nir's whole family and Irene in the kitchen.
  • on the beach near Cesaria
  • in Cesaree with my nieces
  • Cesaree
  • Amphitheater
  • Dancing in the Cesarian amphitheatre.
  • Old Aquaduct outside of Cesaria.
  • beach
  • Armenian convent in Jerusalem
  • Irene in Jerusalem
  • Irene in a store.
  • Tel-Aviv in the background. View from Jaffa.
  • Yoav in his new appartment.
  • Ruti & Osnat
  • Aya
  • Efrat
  • Guri with Irene and my father.
  • With Guri
  • just arrived
  • my parents'livingroom
  • My mom in old Jerusalem
  • My mom again
  • My dad as the artist of the year.
  • Myself in Old jerusalem.
  • Via delorose in Old jerusalem.
  • Myself again.
  • Nir and women
  • With Nir and Sheva
  • With Ariela near the only intact wind mill in Jerusalem
  • A cat in Jaffa
  • Another cat in Jaffa
  • Tel-Aviv from Jaffa
  • The meditarenean Sea
  • Michal
  • Tomer
  • Hila and Irene
  • Next to my painting in my father's studio.
  • Yzhar and Osnat
  • With my father and Irene
  • PitaIn Nahlat Benjamin by Bedwin women.
  • Inside a pipeline near Tel-Aviv.
  • A horse with Jerusalem in the background.
  • David Tower behind Irene.
  • Pictures from my July 2000 visit to Israel

  • Aba's last exposition and his visit to Beit-Oren
  • In the living room upon my arrival to Israel.
  • In the living room again.
  • With shiri in the living room again.
  • In the cafe w/ Irene.
  • A view on the sea.
  • Noam and Shiry with their dog on the beach.
  • My father in Neve tsedek not far from his studio.
  • My father in Neve tsedek again.
  • In front of my painting unfinished in the studio.
  • On the beach from my point of view.
  • Beach again.
  • With gila and Yossi at my appartment.
  • Irene in the appartment.
  • Irene in the studio.
  • Irene is painting in the studio.
  • With Irene and Gila.
  • With Shlomit.
  • With Shlomit and Ariela.
  • My father is 77.
  • My father is 77.
  • With Yehuda, Miri, and Dora at the cafe.
  • Also with Miri's sister.
  • Orly, the famous writer in her window.
  • Flowers on the wall.
  • The mosque in the background.
  • The mosque in the background.
  • Ship wreck.
  • Nir and Noam under that famous painting.
  • Nir, Shiri, and Noam on the beach.
  • Hanoch.
  • What a hand shake!.
  • On the bus to Modiim.
  • On the bus again.
  • Orly, Sheva and I.
  • In the garden with Noam.
  • Noam and Shiri.
  • Yoav and Ruthi with Irene and Rosalind.
  • Yoav and Ruthi and me.
  • With my father at his exhibit.
  • At my father's studio with my new painting.
  • At my father's studio with my new painting a bit changed.
  • Irene, Ariela, Michal and Hila.
  • With Ariela, Michal and Hila from a different angle.
  • With Yoram
  • Irene and Yoram at Gan haiir.
  • flowers

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    Nutrition tips in Hebrew.
    Trip to the East in Hebrew

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