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in KawaiiAug. '05 visit to Kawaii

glorious moment
University of Chicago graduate.

Irene has accomplished a lot in the past couple of years: During her studies for her masters in theater in London, she has travelled to Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Israel.
Now back in Chicago, she has been the assistant director at the Court Theater of the Univ. of Chicago and Red Moon theater in the production of Cerrano de Bergerac. She has also assistant- directed "Tuesdays Afternoons with Mori" at Northlight Theater in Oct., 2003. She now holds a position with the Museum of Contemporary Art as manager of media relations for the performing arts department, in downtown Chicago.
See her pictures from her last birthday party

Irene's October 2004 production: "A Bee In Her Sonnet" is part of the Shorthand Shakespeare Festival at the Bailiwick Theatre. It's a silly, fun, and (hopefully) interesting little exploration of love through some drop dead gorgeous poetry and motown tunes. There are two other new adaptations running alongside.

with sisters Come and Go by Becket, London, 2002 Inventing Eve at the Bailiwick
inventing Eve at Chopin
NY, May 2005
See Irene After the show
in the Botanic garden

the actors "The Cloth"
Adapted and Directed by Irene Hodes
September 11 and 12, 5 PM, 2004
The Chopin Theatre, Upstairs
(Division and Milwaukee)
Irene has written/adapted and directed an interesting little performance piece on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, as seen through the eyes and words of real women living in the Holy Land.
The Cloth is being produced as part of the Around the Coyote Festival, in Wicker Park.

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  • Irene receiving her Associated Press award, Delaware, 2002
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  • With Ashley and the manekin piss sideways:(

    With Ashley in Brussels in a park.

    Pictures from Irene's class in the UK.

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