Future of the Internet
The Future of the Internet

Recent history: In the national bestseller Megatrends 2000, Naisbitt and Aburdene (1990) failed to mention the Internet.

The Internet has been here for 2 decades but it's user-friendly navigator MOSAIC and then Netscape that truly opened this new frontier to anyone.

Just like the invention of the wheel, the Internet can be used for good or evil.

  • Higher education: interconnectedness

  • Health care: New financial models, new collaborations between institutions.

  • Grassroots and scholars: Sharing of information

  • Future?

    The Internet of the future will be faster, and more poweful.

    Older communication media (telephony, broadcast video & audio) will be integrated under the Internet umbrella.

    Most computer software, and cryptology in particular, will be made easier to use for non-experts.

    The cost of connecting the Internet to other machines will become very low so everything will be connected.

    Digitization: Digital camera, on-line magazines

    Storage, transfer and retrieval capacity

    Electronic Commerce:

    Technology: direct satellite will erode the cable

    CD-ROM will become commonplace

    Next generation video games will compete with TV

    Full motion video in the computer system

    New Internet services:

    Society will be further stratified

    Information is a form of power

    Information will flow freely