Mali Caftori's poetry

Mali Caftori's poetry

My Mom's poetry in the eve of my father's last art exhibit.

Eight Months later--more poetry.

My angel, angel that I was...

with my beloved mom     So happy together

Like a sea
Song to David
Love poem
Avi, my father.
Bdidut, loneliness.

Maayan, spring.
Tsina, defense.
The messanger
Extingyuishing lights
Shoval, Netiva's song,
Mali's daughter.
The name Rachel
Cmihah, yearning

Some pictures of my mom:

  • With me in the Botanic garden, Chicago
  • Three of us in the Botanic garden.
  • In the Botanic garden
  • With Elliott's sculpture
  • With Elliott and Fanny
  • With Shelley
  • Just resting
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