Dr. Caftori's office hours for this term

Dr. Caftori's Office Hours

Summer II 2011

My last summer before retiring
I'm flexible

Office: WLH - 3025

Tues. and Thur.: 9-9:50 am and by appointment please at 5:30 pm
breakfast or coffee with your teacher?9:30-10:00. At Descartes cafe, my office, classroom, or Cafeteria. Let me know if interested.            

In addition you may make an appointment at another time.
Please schedule the appointment by email or phone call or talk after class

Don't wait until it's too late

My classes this semester are:

  1. Tues-Thu: 10:00-1:00 CS 300 in FA108
  2. Tu-Th: 2:00-4:55 CS 100 in FA 108

For an appointment or question: Call Speak clearly when leave message 773/442-4718 or X-4718 from campus.

Leave a clear message if I'm not there.

Or, just e-mail me your questions... to n-caftori at neiu.edu I check my e-mail daily...

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Send comments or requests for office hour to Netiva Caftori's very seldom do I have to cancel email box at n-caftori at neiu.edu and wait for a confirmation back.

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