CS-308 Operating Systems

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773/794-2739

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Course Description


In CS 308 we will review the history of operating systems, the theory behind them, and see examples of actual operating systems now in use.

The class will be mostly lecture/discussion style with team presentations and role playing.

A prerequisite for the course is the knowledge of a programming language run on an IBM mainframe computer, such as COBOL or Assembler.

Check the [] tentative course schedule for cs-308 for Spring '98.

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Student presentations

  • 4th week of class: Nilay Shah, Sarah Khan, Mohammad Azeemuddin, and Richard Quach.
  • 5th week: Anwar Khan, MTA Querech (?), Vy Cham Trieu, and Chuck Durvis.
  • 6th week: Abid Awan, Imran Ahmed, Farhat Abdellah, and Liem Le.
  • 7th week: Noel Wong, aaron J. Chen, Kim Hyun, and Wayne Gennaldi
  • 8th week: Cyril Adeigbe, Fabian Su, Kyoung Lee, Daniel Ekerman, Kinda Alrahi.
  • 9th week: Marissa Pineda, Mayuri Dhimur.
  • 10th week: Tuang Vong, Michael Nguyen, Son Le, Thang Nguyen, & Mai Ho.
  • 11th week: Recess
  • 12th week: Hans Sittler, Jeff Remlinger, Ayman Talib, Paul Westfallen
  • 13th week: Mike Rotella, Bernardo Ramirez, Richard Mosquera, Ludwing Lopez
  • 14th week: Jennifer Grusnick, Mohamed Tarek, Kojal Soni, Mita Patel
  • 15th week: Derpesh Patel, Ed Diaz, Faiz Kazi, Elesh Modi, Mohammad Uzzaman, Chandresh Patel
  • 16th week: kaLing Cheung, Fuad Bewngali
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