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Northeastern Illinois University

CS-100 Introduction to Computing

Taught by Netiva Caftori

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Course Description

CS-100 is a basic computer literacy class for the novice or for those who would like to learn what is really going on in the computer and many other related subjects.

CS-100-01 is meeting on Tuesday and Thursday 9:25-10:40.

The sessions will take place in the Smart Classroom 2054 in the Classroom building. This classroom lends itself beautifully to hands-on/discussion/lecture combination.

Students will learn

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Substance Abuse Awareness

I have received a grant from the Network for Dissemination of Curriculum Infusion to incorporate substance abuse prevention in this particular course. Check it out.

Consequently, one of your first two assignments using wordprocessing will be related to substance abuse prevention.

Give it some thought.

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