pix of web smart girl!Surfin Like a Girl!

Welcome to NEIU's Take Our Daughters to Work Day.
We have created a webpage to take to awesome places: women in space, cyber girl geeks, kid heroes, and more.

To go to the site click on the underlined blue word. Enjoy your trip!

For younger girls:

Wanna celebrate earth day? Come hang out with Earth Dog!

Want to see your favorite cartoons in action? Tinky-winky, Arthur and more are playing on PBS.

For teens:

Some handy tips on how to surf the web in smart style!

Girl 'zines: teen girl magazines on-line, politics, fashion, gossip, careers and more. Two zippy sites we  found are gURL and Girlzone.

Want to travel where no woman has gone before? Make it so number one! Check-out NASA's Women in Space website!

Interested in working as a super smart web chick? Girl Geeks? site is for you!

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©1999 Northeastern Illinois University Women's Studies Program
Created by L. Fuller & E. Meiners

A few more sites found especially for this year 2000 bring your daughter to school program

by Lisa and Netiva:
  • Famous women in computing
  • The tech -- arts & science
  • Girls' issues
  • American Girl
  • Places for girls
  • Children's books on-line
  • Girls' poetry. can submit your own on-line.
  • Cartoon Network. Fun!
  • Disney or directly to So wierd
  • KatC's Sailormoon Goodies
  • NSync singing group
  • Fun, pictures, games
  • Return back to Netiva's home