Computer Ethics References

Netiva Caftori

Fall 2004

Computer and Information Ethics by Marsha Cook Woodbury, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002 ISBN 1-58874-155-9
(List Price $19.95)

Other readings

  • Ethical Issues in Business and Information Systems, Roy Dejoie, et. al. (pp. 1 = 2).
    CyberEthics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace, by Richard A. Spinello (2000). A Comparative Study of Unauthorized Software Copying: Information Systems Faculty Members' vs. Practicing Managers' Perceptions, by J.P. Shim and Stephen Taylor (pp. 189 = 198).
  • 10 Big Myths about copyright explained, by Brad Templeton,
  • Anti-Piracy FAQ, The Software & Information Industry Association, FAQ
  • Computer Monitoring: A Threat to the Right to Privacy?, by Karen Nussbaum (pp. 134 = 139).
  • Porn, the Harvard dean and tech support, by Richard Hemingway, Tech support
  • Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace: Freedom and Censorship on the Frontiers of the Online Revolution, by Jonathan Wallace, Mark Mangan (Eds.) (1997)
  • Equal Access to Computing, Computing Expertise, and Decision Making about Computers, by Deborah G. Johnson (pp. 210 -218).
  • Information Ethics: An Environmental Approach to the Digital Divide, Luciano Floridi, IEE
  • Why I Never Met a Programmer I Could Trust, by John Shore, pp. (97 = 102).
  • Buggy software still takes a toll, by Alorie Gilbert, Buggy software
  • Vulnerable on All Accounts: How Computerized Vote Tabulation Threatens the Integrity of Our Elections, An Election Watch Report in CPSR newsletter (pp. 155 = 163).
  • The Social Impact of Computer-Mediated Voting, by Arnold B. Urken, Intro
  • MP3: Legal and Ethical Issues, by Adam Powell, Web monkey
  • Questionnaire: Ethics in the Age of Napster and MP3, by Betsy Frederick and Celia Einhorn,
  • Is there a Hacker Ethic for 90s Hackers?, by Steven Mizrach, Hackethics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: An Exercise in the Moral Imagination, by Michael R. LaChat (pp. 278 = 294)
  • The ethics of spam, by Mark Gibbs, The ethics of spam
  • The NEIU conduct code for cheating.
  • ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, ACM Council, ACM code
  • Graham Peace is editing a new book on information ethics. He is looking for contributions for chapters. The Call for Chapters can be found at
  • Some classic texts (thanks to Michael Nagera) like

  • Platon, "Politea" (Book II + III, The education of the Guards)
  • John Stuart Mills "On Liberty",
  • Kant "Metaphysik der Sitten" (which include principles of copyright, trust etc.) or
  • Simon de Beauvoir's Book on the marquis de Sade.
  • the original article on the right to privacy by Warren & Brandeis.
  • some classical ethics of engineering, like the case of the Killer robot.
  • there are some prime examples in the german literature (like the writtings of R|diger Funiok).
  • Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility, edited by Terrell Ward Bynum and Simon Rogerson, Blackwell Publishing ISBN 1 855 54845 3, 400 pages $39.95

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