Computer Architecture is the Basis.

Called SIO, AO or ATO(mean respectively "structure interne de l'ordinateur", "architecture des ordinateurs", "architecture et technologie des ordinateurs"), it's very enjoyed to study it : computer architecture.
Do you want to know how computer is made ?
By learning digital electronic which tells us about sequential and combinatory logic before integrated circuits, you will know the atomic parts of this famous machine: the computer.
On studying Memory, Central processing unit, and I/O devices you will see different technologies(magnetic, electronic and optic).
Seeing an introduction to Operating system and Network you will learn how is important all the basis of Digital electronic.
Another question: Would you know how computer works?
You may be tired if you have to learn the machine language.So the good idea is to learn assembly language which has symbolic words, it's more easy and convenient for you.

All that will be learned at IMSP in our course titled "Internal structure computer" (ISO). We invite you to be very early at ISMP to know all that with more precision.