Pictures from Elliott Balter's sculptures

Elliott Balter's art

While visiting Vero Beach Dec. 2003, I saw some of Elliott Balter's new sculptures.

A recent wbez program about Elliott recorded by Richard Steel.

Recently bought a sculpture from Elliott. It is now on my front lawn as can be seen below:

Since then, Elliott regretfully has passed a way, in Nov. 2006. He has left us however with eternal sculptures that capture our imagination.

  • Storm with Elliott Balter at its side
  • Storm with Elliott and his son Shelley
  • Storm with Elliott and myself.
  • Storm2
  • Storm3
  • Storm through the tree
  • Zeus holding up the Storm
  • Storm from the back
  • Storm
  • Ima with Storm, Sept, 2002
  • Brain Flight

    The new addition from Elliott Balter

  • Brain Flight
  • Brain flight again from another angle.
  • Ima with the sculpture from above.
  • Ima flying with Brain flight
  • Elliott with his brain Flight on our back lawn
  • Elliott and me with his sculpture Brain Flight, Sept. 2002
  • Ima and brain flight before installation.
  • Shelley and my mom laying the ground
  • The flight of the Brain and I...
  • Holding sculpture
  • Ima, Elliott, Fannie
  • Holding again with Shelley
  • Last updated 9/23/2002.

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