CPSR board of directors with local activists and friends

at the Alamo Grill of Georgetown

February 25th, 2000

and beyond

  • Paul Higland and Rick Barry with ??
  • with my daughter's afterthought's makeup Netiva and Steve Teicher
  • Susan and Paul
  • Coralee Whitcomb and Carl Page with the student from Epic
  • Bill Drake, Patrice McDermott and Rick Blum
  • Susan Evoy and Larry Hunter
  • Hans Klein and Glenn Manishen
  • Skip Lockwood and wife, the Coordinator for the Digital Future Coalition, of which CPSR is a member, and Exec. Dir. of 4CITE.
  • Harry and Ben Schneiderman, director of the UMD Human-Computer Interface Lab.
  • Kathy Kleiman, Netiva and Carl
  • At the Velvet Lounge with Paul at the congos.
  • Netiva, Hans and Chris at George Washington meeting room.
  • Patrice, Bill and me
  • Rick Blum and I
  • Coralee and Mark Rotenberg
  • Mark and I
  • Carl and Chris May sideways...oops..
  • Harry, Herb, Dianne and Susan
  • Chris, Rick, Susan and Dianne
  • at the Velvet Lounge again with Coralee, Steve, and Ruth Holder
  • Bill and I
  • At Bertucci
  • Glenn (?) and I
  • myself in Baltimore after the meeting resting before my flight home.
  • Return to Netiva''s home