Cryptography by Netiva Caftori
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Welcome to CS-355 Cryptography

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773 442-4718

Welcome to the art of Crypto!

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Tentative Course Schedule
Week CS-355 Contents: Tues. - Thur.
1 Jan. 9th-11th -- Introduction. -- Let's play a bit
2 1/16/07-1/18/07 Chapter 1 -- Information theory
3 1/23-1/25 Quiz 1 on ch. 1. -- Chapter 5 -- Cryptographic philosophy -- Viginere polyalphabetic code
4 Jan. 30th-Feb. 1 Assig 1 due. ~ Ch 6. Review of math. algebra ~ Review also for Quiz 2 on Chap. 5.
5 2/6-2/8 Teams work outside class
6 2/13-2/15 Quiz 2 on ch. 5.
7 2/20-2/22 Chap. 7 -- Symmetrical key cryptography.
8 2/27-March 1st Team midterm project presentations. cypher
9 March 6th-3/8 Midterm team presentations. Guest presentation.
10 3/13-3/15 Review chap. 7. -- Quiz 3 on Chap. 7. --
11 3/20-3/22 ~~~SPRING BREAK~~~ Catch up on your readings.
12 3/27-3/29 March 30th: Last day to drop class. -- Public key infrastructure -- Chapter 8.
13 April 3rd-4/5/07 Review ch. 8 Quiz 4 on ch. 8.
14 4/10-4/12 Maybe chap. 11. Individual student presentations.
15 4/17-4/19 Individual student Presentations.
4/24-26 Last days of class. -- Last student presentations.
Turn in any late assignments and student evaluation of peer presentations.
Final exam. Have a great summer break!
Color your life

Grading philosophy

There will be 8 or 9 assignments. Will drop off lowest grade.

There will be about 4 quizzes, a team midterm presentation, an individual presentation and/or a final exam.

Participation in class discussions is crucia and will count for 10%.

rose key The team presentation will center around chapters of the book. Choose a chapter (1-4, or 9-11) and a team. Divide the chapter pages among you. Work on a presentation to the class.
The individual presentation can be on a similar topic from additional readings you would find on the net or in the library. Turn in a 3-5 page paper with it.
Presentations should be limited to 5 minutes a person (hard to do). So rehearse among you so the material flows naturally out of you without a need to look at your notes. You may like to use a PowerPoint presentation which facilitates the flow of information.
If you do not want to present, think of a good alternative, like introducing a puzzle to the class. Good luck!

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Read early and often

Lab Hours

All open labs are open

I do not guarantee these hours are current. Just make sure you do mostly university work there or net control will get you...:)

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