JCL, course taught by Netiva caftori

CS-318 JCL

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773/ 442-4718

See me on Video teach Basic JCL. Check also our webboard and our blackboard.

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Tentative Course Schedule. Spring 2001
Week -Wednesday-
1 January 9th Introduction Review and definitions Chapter 1
2 1/16 Chapter 2: The JOB, EXEC and DD statements
3 January 23rd (may be late) chapter 2. Chapter 5 - The IEBGENER program
4 Jan. 30th Chapter 5. The IEBPTPCH program. Assignment 1a due using MicrFocus.
5 Feb. 6th Assignment 1b and assignment 1c
6 Feb. 13th Assignment 1d due. Exam 1. The COND parameter
7 Feb. 20th Go over exam. Advanced features of JCL
8 2-27 The UNIT, SPACE, VOL, LABEL, SYSOUT and DLM parameters. Assignment 2 due (exam 2 in text)
9 March 6th Chapter 4. Examples. Chapter 6.
10 March 13th The IEBUPDTE and IEFBR14 programs. Exam 2. Assignment 3 due. Instream procedures.
11 March 20th Spring Recess
12 March 27th Passover-- no class--
13 April 3rd Cataloged procedures SORTD. Quiz 1. Overriding. Quiz 2
14 April 10th Symbolic parameters. Quiz 3. Review for exam. Quiz 4
15 4/17 Review. Exam 3. Assignment 4 is due
16 4/24 --Last class Go over exam. No final exam. Have a great semester break!

Cs-318 is meeting on Wednesdays in FA 108 from 7:05 to 9:45 pm.

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Grading Philosophy

There will be 3 exams, a couple of quizzes, and 4 assignments.

Turn in your assignments on the due dates in class, or ask for an extension which will cost you a few points.

Each exam is worth 15% of your grade.

Each assignment is worth 10% of your grade.

Each quiz is worth 2-5% (depending on the number) to a total of 10%.

The final grade will be decided on a curve.

Border line cases will be decided based on your class participation.


The text is "OS JCL by Example" written by Netiva Caftori.

Both first and second editions are available in the bookstore and acceptable for study.

First chapter is available right here.

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