CS-303 or 403 Course description

CAI is a graduate course, although undergraduates are allowed to register with special permission from the instructor (Netiva Caftori) or the Computer Science Department coordinator Susan Coyle.

Students will be exploring a variety of programs for courseware writing, from

Squeak, to

Podium, to

MIDI, to

visual Basic, to


Director, to


They will produce a group project by midterm and an individual project by the end of the semester.

They will each create a page on the using HTML, Java, and CGI where they will be able to demonstrate their creations.

CS-403-CAI is meeting in a Smart Classroom on Wednesdays 7:05-9:45 pm.

Students will spend half their class time in groups or individually on the computer. The rest of the time will be spent in demonstrations and discussions of various techniques and methods for involving educational software users.

Persons from other disciplines will share some of their creative productions with our students.

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