Computer-Aided-Instruction course by Caftori

CS-303/403- Computer Aided Istruction (CAI)

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773/442-4718


Tentative Course Schedule
Week Tuesday---Thurs.
1 May 26. Introduction -- HTML
2 June 2nd, Podium presentation. Read Ch. 9 on Educational Multimedia
3 6/9, LogoWriter presentation. Read ch. 6 - CAI. Get into teams by doing the Personality test
4 6/16, Read ch. 8 - Distance learning. Work in teams
56/23, Read ch. 10. 1st assignment due
6 6/30, Midi presentation. Midterm (team) assignment due
7 July 4th, Independence Day
8 7/14, Visual Basic Presentation.
9 7/21, Read ch. 15 - Education for an information Age-- Student Presentations
10 7/28, Last class- Papers & individual projects due-- student presentations
11 Aug. 4th, No class

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Caftori's Office Hours

Office: CLS-3025 office hours

For an appointment or question: Call 773/442-4718 or X-4718 from campus.

Leave a clear message for the instructor if she is not there.

Or, just e-mail me your questions ...I check my e-mail daily...

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Recommended readings

  • Squeak, Object-Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications by Mark Guzdial, Prentice Hall.
  • Education for an Information Age. Teaching in the Computerized Classroom", 2nd edition, by Bernard Poole, McGraw hill, 1997.
  • The online version of our textbook by Bernard Poole, or 3rd edition.
  • Check the links from the Faculty Summer Institute on technology in education.
  • If there are books left over from last year in the bookstore you could buy an HTML textbook to help you with your home page.
  • Also in the bookstore there may be a tutorial of Podium, version 7 left over from last year. That would be beneficial for your class presentations and your projects.
  • Many other readings will be recommended in class and are to be found also in the "Related Sites" section of this page.
  • Last changed on 8/14/2001