Discrete-structures by Netiva Caftori

CS-201-Discrete Structures

Taught by Netiva Caftori

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Course Description

CS-201 is a basic computer oriented discrete structures course.

CS-201- Discrete Structures (201-03) is scheduled for Tues./Thurs.


A First Course in Discrete Mathematics by John C. Molluzzo and fred Buckley, 1997, Waveland press.

Students will learn
  • Set theory and logic (ch 2)
  • Number systems (ch 1)
  • Functions (ch 5)
  • Combinatorics (ch 3)
  • Probability (ch 4)
  • Create your own web page.

In addition students will learn to use e-mail and converse through a discussion list.

Credit on participation will be given.

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